Student Organizations

Villanova University offers students many opportunities to participate in a wide variety of student organizations. To read about all of the organizations available click here to visit VU Groups which hosts all of our student group contact information.

Activities Fair 2015

Registraion for the Fall 2015 Activites Fair is now at a first come basis! If you did not sign up for a table, please come to the Pavilion at 4:30 p.m. to sign up for the overflow tables. Tables will not be placed with other groups in your category type. Tables are 1st Come, 1st Serve at this time.

Registered Student Organization Privileges

Student organizations that have registered with the Office of Student Involvement are entitled to the following benefits provided by the University:

  • Authorization to reserve University space, services, or equipment.
  • Eligibility to provide information to Villanova University‚Äôs student body through tabling at designated locations and / or flyers posted in designated locations.
  • Eligibility to seek funding through the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Serve on the Student Leadership Advisory Committee (SLAC) to advise the Director of Student Involvement on ways the Office of Student Involvement can better serve student organizations.
  • Eligibility to seek approval to raise funds, develop a new program offered to the university community, sponsor an event to raise awareness about a particular cause after is approved by the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Ability to use student media for advertising or dissemination of information.
  • Authorization to use the name or logo of Villanova University in a manner that is approved by the Office of Student Involvement.