Why Join a Learning Community?

Here is what students have said . . .

"The experience gave me the chance to interact with a diverse group of people and discuss the new experiences I encountered at college."  (Patrick, Engineering student)

"Through the ACS class that focused on the theme of Freedom, I have learned about many different and unique ways to look at life. I now view the concept of freedom in a completely different way."  (Lauren, Arts student)

"Participation in a learning community facilitated a greater sense of camaraderie both academically and socially.  The atomosphere inside and outside the classroom gradually blended together, developing a holistic and truly unique learning experience."  (Kenny, VSB, Class of 2014)

"I've enjoyed the other students and learning how to take initiative, how to communicate better, and how to work with others."  (Kyle, Liberal Arts & Sciences student)

"The great friendships I made my freshman year in the learning community have remained strong for the past three years and will last long into the future."  (Erica, Engineering student)

"A learning community at Villanova offers so many doors as a college freshman.  Not only do you live with people who share similar interests as you, you are also living with the people who are going to be your closest friends for the next four years.  Each learning community is unique and offers an intellectually stimulating environment, where you have the opportunity to challenge yourself as a student in classes such as Augustinian Culture Seminar and 4th hour.  Whenever I give a tour for Blue Key the most important advice I give to prospective students is, "if you are enrolling as a freshman here at Villanova, make sure you join a learning community."  (Elizabeth, English Major (Arts), 2013) 

"I believe that living in a learning community played a major role in making it one of the best years of my life, because I was constantly surrounded by some of the hardest working and kindest kpeople I have every met.  The discussions and debates we had in ACS made it one of my most enjoyable classes I have taken.  I definitely had to work hard, but it was amazing to see how much we could learn from each other when everyone particpated so enthusiastically." (Sarah Mulroy, Class of 2014)

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Named An "Exemplary Program" by U.S. News and World Report.

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Alumna Receives Fellowship

Alumna Receives Fellowship

An alumna of the Environmental Leadership Learning Community, Natalie Flinn, '14, has received a prestigious Environmental Protection Agency Fellowship.  The Fellowship includes tuition assistance for junior and senior years at Villanova, research funds to support her ongoing research project on campus (which studies the effects of snowmelt chemicals on campus trees and plants), and a paid internship with the EPA in summer 2013.  Congratulations to Natalie for her ongoing leadership in campus sustainability and for obtaining this excellent Fellowship.  In addition to winning this Fellowship, Natalie is a member of the Villanova University President's Environmental Sustainability Committee, and will be conducting research this summer in Alberta, Canada.