Truth and Purpose

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Learning . . . Living . . . Exploring

Have you ever wanted to have the time to ask the really big questions in life?  Are you looking for a community of people who care about these questions, too?  The Truth and Purpose learning community will explore the issues that are important to any human life, questions like, "How do I live a good life?  Who are my friends and how do I know them?  How do I love, and can I be loved in return?  Is there hope for community in a 'postmodern' world?  Is there a God, and what difference does that make?  How do I look for truth in a world with so many different answers?  How do I understand the world around me?  How will I face death?"  We will put these kinds of questions at the center of our study, looking for practical wisdom in conversation with some of the great minds of the past and present.

While the Big Questions will be explored both Fall and Spring semesters in the interdisciplinary humanities Augustine and Culture seminar, you will also meet once a week, in a more casual setting in the residence hall, in a one-credit class designed to integrate these questions into our lives in practical and fun ways.

In the Truth and Purpose Learning Community you will -

  • Take a specially-designated section of the humanities seminar Augustine and Culture (ACS) for a full academic year with other students in Truth and Purpose
  • Participate in a one-credit workshop style class that meets weekly in the residence hall, called Villanova Experience (VEXP)
  • Explore the questions related to Truth and Purpose in several different religious traditions
  • Discuss the ways that Truth and Purpose has been, is, and will be impacted by various academic disciplines such as History, Philosophy, Politics, and Ethics, through your ACS seminar class
  • Gain exposure to several different perspectives on learning and reflecting with one another about the responsibilities of living in community in a one-credit "fourth hour" integrating seminar
  • Make connections between your Augustine and Culture Seminar, your conversations in Truth and Purpose seminar, and your life experiences at college
  • Live together in Katharine Hall on the south campus

Being in Truth and Purpose means....

Professors who are committed to learning in and out of class

Dynamic weekly conversations with your classmates about issues that matter

Community within your hall ... strong friendships that last a lifetime

Connections to faculty, administrators, Junior or Senior students, campus life, and your own classmates

Explore the questions related to Truth and Purpose.

About the Community

Students selected will be enrolled in designated sections of ACS and VEXP that corresponds to their Learning Community theme, along with the appropriate housing assignment.  Learning Communities are open to all first-year students in all colleges.  The one-credit VEXP class is an addition to the normal course load, and runs from the beginning of Fall semester until Spring Break.  It is designed not to interfere with other academic requirements.