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CARITAS: a Service Learning Community for first-year students.

If you are interested in a weekly service commitment at a Philadelphia high school, this new living-learning community may be for you.  In its pilot year, this community will be comprised of up to 32 students from the College of Liberal Arts or the School of Business who are interested in living Villanova values through seeking truth - Veritas - about the world through knowledge, living the values of Caritas through service together in Community - Unitas.

Students in this learning community will share their experiences in the freshman humanities class, ACS, a weekly discussion group that meets in the hall, and an afternoon of tutoring at Cristo Rey High School each week.  Students in CARITAS will learn and reflect with hall mates and classmates about the call to live a life of service, our human responsibility to one another.

In the Caritas: Service Learning Community you will -

  • Take a specially-designated section of the humanities seminar Augustine and Culture (ACS) for a full academic year with other students in Caritas: Service Learning
  • Participate in a one-credit workshop style class that meets weekly in the residence hall, called Villanova Experience (VEXP)
  • Explore approaches to service and learning in sharing life with others who share the value of giving back to the community by tutoring high school students at Cristo Rey High School once a week
  • Gain exposure to several different perspectives on learning and reflecting with one another about the responsibilities of living in community in a one-credit "fourth hour" integrating workshop style class (1 hour a week)
  • Make connections between your Augustine and Culture Seminar, your experience in service, and your reflections each week
  • Live together in a residence hall on the south campus

Being in Caristas:Service Learning means ...

Professors who are committed to learning in and out of class

Dynamic weekly conversations with your classmates about issues that matter

Community within your hall ... strong friendships that last a lifetime

Connections to faculty, administrators, Junior or Senior students, campus life, and your own classmates

Explore approaches to service and learning.

About the Community

Students selected will be enrolled in designated sections of ACS and VEXP that corresponds to their Learning Community theme, along with the appropriate housing assignment.  Learning Communities are open to all first-year students in all colleges.  The one-credit VEXP class is an addition to the normal course load, and runs from the beginning of Fall semester until Spring Break.  It is designed not to interfere with other academic requirements.