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Please note: Only program requests that give two weeks’ notice will be considered, so plan ahead! When requesting a program, please include the following information: name, organization/residence hall, name of program being requested, two potential dates and times for your program, and two potential dates and times for a meeting with the Coordinator to discuss your request.

For Groups of 10 or More:

15-Minute Fitness
Want to work out without having to endure the long lines at the Davis Center? This program shows you how to maintain a healthy weight without ever having to leave your room.

Alcohol Outburst
This friendly, but competitive game has participants "shouting out" their knowledge about alcohol. Everyone is sure to leave with an earful.

Avoiding the Freshman…4?
The “Freshman 15” is just a myth made popular by Seventeen magazine in the early ‘90s…the reality is most freshmen gain 4 pounds or less in their first year of college. Want to learn how to maintain a healthy weight all through college? We have loads of information that will tip your scale.

Booze Bingo
Compete with your hallmates, teammates, and friends by testing your knowledge of alcohol. Who will be the first to yell BINGO?

Dining Hall Dash
Think Supermarket Sweep, but in the dining hall. Participants will dash through dining locations on and off campus while trying to identify which locations offer certain healthy food(s). This is a great way to learn about how to eat healthy at college.

He Said…She Said
Did he misunderstand her? Did she lead him on? Was it a normal date? You be the judge in determining what went wrong. You’ll definitely have a clear understanding at the end.

Make fun use of the sticky notes in your room and play Post-It, a fun game where participants guess the alcohol phrase posted to their forehead using limited dialogue.

Speed Dating
Play the role of someone else and try to score a date. The characters you meet could be the man or woman of your dreams. Will you find the love of your life or the person you’d rather say “next” to? Will you leave with more than you bargained for? This program addresses both sexual assault and sexual health issues. 

For Groups of 15 or More:

Field of Facts
Hut, hut, hike! Show us your moves on the field and impress us with what you know about sexual health, sexual assault, and substance safety. Will your pass be intercepted, or will it lead to a touchdown? Get ready to rumble!

For Groups of 20 or More:

Wasted Wednesday
Let us take you through a night of pre-gaming and partying, all while doing it safely and responsibly. You're sure to get a good laugh and great tips!

For Groups of 25 or More:

The String Game
Look at college through another person's eyes and leave with quite a story to tell. You may leave having a new outlook on alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault, and sexual health. This program promises to make you think!

Program Requests & Applications

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You can also reach us by calling 610-519-7408 or stopping by the Office of Health Promotion on the first floor of the Health Services Building.

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Please note
Only program requests that give two weeks’ notice will be considered, so plan ahead!