Cheers! To Your First Year!

This hands-on program will provide first year students with valuable information and resources regarding sexual assault and alcohol use. Students will practice their drink pouring skills while learning the size of a “standard drink.” This program on alcohol safety and awareness shows the possible dangers of a “typical” night of partying as seen through different scenarios playing though a night out.

Don’t Blame it on the Alcohol!

How much do you really know about binge drinking? This interactive program will test student’s knowledge on binge drinking though a competitive game of Jeopardy! Students will learn valuable information, and ways to drink responsibly and safely while minimizing associated risks with binge drinking.

Let’s Talk About IT!

This program on sexual health and sexual assault is engaging and interactive! Participants will get to experience how easily STIs can be spread and ways to prevent transmission and infection though a hands-on activity. Students will also participate in discussions around different scenarios related to consent and sexual assault through a tricky game of red-light green-light.

Eat Smart. Be Happy.

*Coming Soon*

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