Mission & Objectives

GSC Mission & Objectives

To build upon the Augustinian concept of community, this group's mission is to increase awareness and recognition of diversity and, in particular, to foster understanding of sexual orientation within a Catholic Judeo-Christian environment.

To accomplish this, the group's objectives are:

  • To present an environment that does not make assumptions about its members with regard to sexual orientation and/or gender;
  • To promote a tolerant atmosphere at Villanova for people of all sexual orientations through education;
  • To foster discussion on issues related to sexual orientation;
  • To provide support for people with friends and family who are of a minority sexual orientation; and
  • To acknowledge and respect the values and beliefs of the Villanova community as a Catholic and Augustinian university.
gay-straight coalition

Help the GSC in its campaign to eliminate homophobia from our campus and create a welcoming community for all students.  To join us, contact Kathy Byrnes by phone or email.

[610] 519–4550

Or contact the GSC at


Thursday, April 9, 6:00 p.m., Health Services Building, Room 200

Join us for good conversation, pizza and wings! All are welcome!









Whether you would like more information, feel uncomfortable in a situation, or if you have witnessed an act of discrimination, please reach out to the following 
On-campus Resources

Other Resources

It Gets Better Project
Human Rights Campaign

The Victory Congressional Internship is accepting applications for Spring 2015.

The Victory Institute will bring outstanding LGBTQ college students to Washington, D.C., for an intensive leadership program, including a Congressional internship with an LGBT-friendly member of Congress. 

The program includes a generous stipend, housing in D.C., placement in a congressional internship and travel to/from Washington, D.C., as well as travel and registration to the LGBT Leaders 2015 Conference. Applications for Spring 2015 are due Monday, October 27 – find out more and apply now.  The Victory Congressional Internship is open to current undergraduate students of all genders, orientations, abilities, races, and political affiliations, including people with majors other than political science.

Kathy Byrnes
Associate V.P. for Student Life
Gay-Straight Coalition Chairperson

Fr. Joe Calderone, O.S.A.
Campus Ministry

Tom Mogan
Director of Student Development

Stacy Andes
Director, Office of Health Promotion

Nancy Sharts-Hopko, Ph.D.
College of Nursing

Heidi Rose, Ph.D.
Communication Department

John P. Edwards, Ph.D.
Campus Ministry

Bernard Gallagher, Ph.D.
Sociology Department

Christine Albert 2015
College of Arts & Sciences

Olivia Bickel 2016
College of Arts & Sciences

Beatriz Cabello 2016
College of Arts & Sciences

Diego Ceron Bardales 2016
College of Arts & Sciences

Nikki Jeter 2016
College of Nursing

Mike Kaufman 2016
School of Business

Daniel Shea 2016
College of Arts & Sciences