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2013 Johnson and Johnson Be Vital Challenge!

LEVEL was selected as one of 4 National Winners in the Johnson and Johnson Be Vital Challenge. We received a $5,000 prize that will go towards inclusive activities, social engagement, and national exposure. With the help of Johnson and Johnson we are able to continue our mission and promote able-ism awareness beyond the borders of Villanova.



To LEVEL the playing field for all regardless of physical, mental, or emotional ability.

  • Integration of differently-abled students in the university community and beyond
  • Raising awareness and changing attitudes about able-ism
  • Allowing every person to realize their full potential in and out of a barrier-free world
  • Teaching people how to communicate and interact with those who have a disability
  • Establishment of a student network to provide help and create friendships in and out of the classroom


LEVEL is a new student group formed to bridge the gap between students with various abilities and disabilities. Targeting academics, social interaction, mindsets, and physical barriers, LEVEL is working to expand the idea of community on and off campus. Our goal is to make daily interactions all inclusive as well as raise able-ism awareness at Villanova and beyond.

We believe that there is a serious lack of understanding on campus, and in the world about individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities that had led to unjust differences in the way that people are treated, as well as the opportunities available to them, based on whether or not they are born “able bodied.”  LEVEL pushes all student members to grow internally by learning about others, as well as our shared abilities. We are recognizing our discomfort, and are consequently pushing ourselves to eliminate it by destroying assumptions, stereotypes, generalization and misconceptions about intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and the people who have them. 

We hope that you will support our mission to “LEVEL the Playing Field”, join our team, consider making a donation, or read about disability etiquette.


Students are encouraged to work with fellow Villanova students who are unable to type their homework assignments as a result of their disability.  In addition, students volunteer to give copies of their notes to other students in the class who are not able to take notes themselves.  LEVEL has entirely eliminated the need for adult assistance, academically speaking.  Homework hours and note-taking are open to any student who wishes to help.  If you are interested in volunteering for homework hours or note taking, please contact: level@villanova.edu

Steve McWilliams, Greg Hannah, Alex Cornell and Frank Kineavy at the UCP workshop


In April of 2013, United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) held their national conference titled Redefining Family: Supporting The New Caregiver Community at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, California.  This year one of the breakout sessions involved preparing children with disabilities for higher education and UCP asked the Office of Disability Services at Villanova University and members of the popular student group LEVEL to create, present, and conduct a focused discussion around disabilities in higher education and ways to engage people in hopes of leveling the playing field for all people of all abilities.  Gregory Hannah, Academic Advisor to Students with Disabilities, Stephen McWilliams, Director of International/Human Services, Alex Cornell, Student and Vice President of LEVEL, and Frank Kineavy, registered student with the Office of Disability Services and member of LEVEL presented the workshop and were honored for their commitment to disability advocacy and awareness.

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