Guidelines for Students Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Please provide recommender with sufficient advance notice to meet the September 12, 2016 deadline.

  • Select a Villanova University faculty member or administrator who knows you well and who can speak to your academic, leadership and community service accomplishments/contributions during your years at Villanova University.  It is similar to selecting someone to serve as a reference for a job application.
  • Meet with that person and personally request they write your letter of recommendation. 
  • Advise this person of the criteria for selection to Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges and the due date for the Letter of Recommendation (September 12, 2016).
  • Provide this person with the link to the Faculty/Administrators Letter of Recommendation Guidelines.
  • Provide that person with your resume.
  • Understand that you may ask a person to write you a Letter of Recommendation, but that person may not feel fully qualified or comfortable with doing so.  If that occurs, thank them for being forthright and select another person.
  • If the person agrees to write your Letter of Recommendation, type in your recommender’s email address on the application – make sure it is accurate; then click on the radio button that authorizes the recommender to electronically submit your Letter of Recommendation.  IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLETE THESE STEPS ACCURATELY YOUR RECOMMENDER WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED AND YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.
  • The person listed in the email address will receive an email with instructions on how to submit the Letter of Recommendation electronically.
  • When your recommender submits your Letter of Recommendation, you will receive an email notification.
  • It is imporant that you remain in communication with the person writing your Letter of Recommendation to ensure it is submitted in a timely manner.


The University's minimum criteria for selection to Who's Who are:

  • Demonstrated leadership ability.

  • Substantial community service.

  • Consistent involvement in University co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

  • Good disciplinary status as determined by the Dean of Students Office.

  • Senior Class status and graduating either December 2016 or May 2017.

  • Good academic standing with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00.