Who's Who Instructions and Sample Application

Who's Who Application Deadline is September 5, 2016.

PAGE 1 Instructions

  • Enter the information requested and click the SAVE PAGE button if you need to save your work and continue at a later time.
  • Click the SAVE PAGE & ADVANCE button to advance to Page 2.
who's who app page 1

PAGE 2 Instructions

  • Enter your University Activities in this section.
  • Press ENTER after each line you type into the text box,
    the form does NOT automatically wrap text.
  • Please check SR Checkbox if you anticipate participating in an activity during your senior year.
  • Please limit your description to 5 lines of text.
  • Use Google Toolbar for spellcheck.
  • Click the SAVE & ADD NEW ACTIVITY button to add additional activity forms. The additional form will pop up below the 1st Activity section.
  • Click the SAVE & ADVANCE TO NEXT SECTION button when all activities have been entered and you are ready to move on to Page 3.
who's who app page 2

PAGE 3 Instructions

  • Click the SAVE PAGE button if you need to save your work and continue at a later time.
    Complete the Honors and Awards, and the Non Villanova Activities and Community Service sections.
  • Type in the email address of the person you have asked to submit a Letter of Recommendation (BE ACCURATE).
  • Click the radio button in front of the authorization statement and then press the "HERE" button to submit your Letter of Recommendation.
  • After submitting, a timestamp of your request will be displayed.
  • When the Letter of Recommendation is received, the document name and received date will be displayed.

    The person listed in the email address field will receive an email with instructions on how to submit the Letter of Recommendation electronically on your behalf. You will then receive an email notification when the Letter of Recommendation has been submitted. When the information on this form is complete, click the SAVE PAGE & ADVANCE button, Page 4 - completed form displays.
who's who app page 3

PAGE 4 - Preview Submission

Your completed application form will appear.

This information will stay as is unless you make changes or additions up to the final due date.

Print the final version so you have a copy for your records.

Click HERE to access the application.

Who's Who Application Deadline is September 5, 2016