Frequently Asked Questions

Where do little wildcats stay while at Villanova?

Little Wildcats stay in their Big Wildcat's residence hall or apartment room, if the Big Wildcat is an on-campus resident.  Otherwise, the Little Wildcat would stay in the Big Wildcat's off-campus residence.  Little Wildcats will be considered guests of the University in the residence halls and apartments. Please remember that the Big Wildcat is responsible for the Little Wildcat at all times while they are on campus. Parents/guardians should remember to provide bedding.

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Does a parent or guardian need to physically register/drop-off the little wildcat?

As long as the parent or guardian signs and returns the Waiver, Release & Indemnity Agreement to the Campus Activities Team, the Big Wildcat can register the Little Wildcat.  Otherwise, the parent or guardian must physically bring to the child to the registration area in the West Lounge of Dougherty Hall to sign the agreement.

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How do Little Wildcats get to and from campus?

Please view the directions to our campus. Parents/guardians should directly transfer supervision of their child to the Big Wildcat on-campus or at a designated area (i.e. secure airport area).  While Philadelphia's transportation system is safe and reliable, at NO TIME should Little Wildcats travel to campus alone and unsupervised.

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What meals are provided?

Big Wildcats are responsible for providing all meals to their Little Wildcats.  As always, the award-winning Villanova University Dining Services will provide a full menu in all resident dining halls and a la carte locations throughout the weekend.  Vegetarian, vegan, and organic options are always available. 

Children under 12 always eat free in any of the resident dining halls (Dougherty Hall, Donahue Court, and St. Mary's Hall).  For children over 12, most VU Meal Plans include an allotment of "guest meals" that Big Wildcats can use to purchase meals in any resident dining hall and at select a la carte locations across campus.

We invite all Big and Little Wildcats to join us for breakfast in Dougherty Dining Hall on the Saturday morning of Little Wildcat Weekend.  Popular children's characters will be making their rounds to create a truly unique dining experience for our families.

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Can Little Wildcats attend classes with their Big Wildcat?

While it might be interesting for a little Wildcat to get a taste of "college," please keep in mind that it is important to note that many natural factors might stand in the way.  A Big Wildcat should seek explicit permission for his or her professors prior to bringing the Little Wildcats to the class.  Please note that Little Wildcats might not be allowed into certain areas (i.e. laboratories) by virtue of space, security and safety restrictions.

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Who do I contact in case of emergency?

The Office of Student Development is able to assist you during normal business hours, Mondays-Fridays, 9am-5pm. They may be reached at (610) 519-4210. After hours, please direct all inquiries to the Department of Public Safety, (610) 519-4444.  Please state that you a parent calling in reference to Little Wildcat Weekend.  The administrative contact person for the event is Nikki Hornsberry, Assistant Director of Student Development for Programming.  The Department of Public Safety will have her emergency contact information on file.

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What happens in terms of emergencies?

If the University is officially closed on any of the days of Little Wildcat Weekend, ALL events for that day will be cancelled.  Should there be an early closing due to a weather or other emergency, all events will be cancelled as well.  Little Wildcats are still welcome to arrive and stay in their Big Wildcats' residence halls and apartments, however no scheduled activities will occur.  Inclement weather and other emergency announcements are posted on the Villanova University homepage at or available via RSS News Feed through the Nova Alert system.

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Who maintains responsibility for the Little Wildcats throughout the weekend?

Full and ultimate responsibility for the Little Wildcats lies with their Big Wildcats.  Villanova University simply programs a series of optional events that Little Wildcats and Big Wildcats may attend together.  Some families choose to participate in all of the events and stay for the entire weekend; others choose to participate in none of the University-sponsored events.  Other than make a good faith effort to ensure that families at our University-sponsored Little Wildcat Weekend events are safe and comfortable, we are unable to provide totally complete supervision throughout the weekend.  However, Big Wildcats should be made aware that they are expected to accompany their Little Wildcat at all times throughout the weekend.  Little Wildcats found unattended, even if only for five minutes, will be escorted to the West Lounge of Dougherty Hall where parents will be immediately contacted and asked to arrange for the supervised departure of their child(ren).

In the case of sponsored off-campus trips, members of the Campus Activities Team will serve as liasons. Yellow school buses are used for transportation, and all Big Wildcats will be given direction as to the time and place of arrivals and departures.

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Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact Nikki Hornsberry, Assistant Director of Student Development for Programming, should you have any additional questions or comments about Little Wildcat Weekend.  She can also be reached via telephone at (610) 519-4211.

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