We, the members of the Campus Activities Team, do hereby establish this constitution in order to facilitate effectiveness and efficiency in the ongoing operation of the organization.

Article I – Name

The name of this organization will be the Campus Activities Team and is herein referred to as CAT.

Article II – Purpose

CAT provides cultural, educational, and recreational programs for the students and the community of Villanova University. CAT commits itself to students through leadership, development, and quality programming.

Article III – Membership

Membership in CAT is open to any Villanova matriculated student, who is in good academic and disciplinary standing. Membership in CAT is maintained through active participation in a standing committee of the organization as provided for in the By-laws.

Article IV – Non-discrimination

Membership in CAT will not be limited to persons based on their race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Article V – Standing Committees

SECTION ONE – Definition
There will be functional standing committees of CAT as defined in the CAT By-laws. The number of standing committees will be specified in the By-laws.

SECTION TWO – Membership
Membership in a standing committee will constitute membership in CAT. Membership will be open as stated in Article III herein. Standing Committees may set specific membership criteria. However, any such criteria should not conflict with the spirit of the general membership guidelines as stated herein.

The standing committees will have meetings on a weekly basis as determined at the end of the previous semester by the particular coordinator and his/her advisor.

Article VI – Officers and Coordinators

The officers and coordinators of CAT will be specified in the By-laws and selected on an annual basis as provided for in the By-laws.

Article VII – Executive Board

SECTION ONE – Definition
The Executive Board will be the governing body of CAT. The Executive Board will establish and enforce organization policy, approve all committee programs, supervise committee operations, and provide leadership development for members.

SECTION TWO – Membership
The membership of the Executive Board will consist of the officers and the committee coordinators as specified in the By-laws.

The Executive Board will have meetings on a weekly basis as determined at the end of the previous semester by the President, Board, and advisors.

A. Quorum – A quorum will be defined as two-thirds of the membership of the Executive Board. Quorum is necessary in order to transact business at any Executive Board Meeting.

B. Meetings – All meetings are open unless otherwise dictated by the President, By-laws, or two-thirds majority vote.

Article VIII – By-laws

By-laws of CAT will be established upon arrival by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Board.

Article IX – Amendments

Amendments to this constitution may be proposed in writing by any member of the Executive Board at any regular meeting of the board. A proposal presented at a regular meeting will be voted on no sooner than the next regular meeting, and will become effective upon approval by two-thirds majority vote.

Article X – Ratification

This constitution will become effective upon approval by two-thirds of the voting members at a regular meeting. Ratification becomes complete upon approval of the Director of Student Development. This constitution, when ratified, will supercede any existing documents.