What We've Done

SGA Accomplishments (September):

-  Met with Falvey Memorial Library staff to discuss extending library hours: the first and second floors will be          open 24/7 this semester as a trial period.

-  Secured more outside seating for Café Nova and the Connolly Center.

-  Contacted the Philly Five Conference to receive, for the first time ever, an invitation to a bi-annual conference      meeting with other local Student Body Presidents [Penn, LaSalle, Drexel, St. Joes, Temple].

-  Extended Café Nova's seating area's hours for 24/7 use during finals weeks as an extra study option.

-  Planned Student Involvement Panel with Student Organizational Leaders organized on September 14th at 7    P.M before the Involvement Fair. 

-  Assisted in the creation of Villanova's new Student Fan Group: The Nation.

-  Placed an SGA Suggestion Box in Connolly, which will be available early next week

-  Attended Campus Community Dialogue Event to discuss alcohol related student issues with local government officials, business owners, and campus officials.

-  Created the Diversity and Inclusion Vice President position on the SGA executive board.

-  Participated in meetings regarding the long-term planning of the Dining Halls, Falvey Memorial Library, New        Senior Dormitory Project, Academic Curriculum, and the Athletic Program.

SGA's goal is to be accessible to all students. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Student Body President Matt McCarry.
E: mmccarry@villanova.edu