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Villanova students will have the opportunity to purchase tickets to the First and Second Round tickets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in Buffalo, New York through Villanova Athletics.

As a reward for those students who have the highest lottery weight, tickets will first be available for purchase to the top 250 students based on lottery weight until 5:30 pm today at the Jake Nevin Ticket Office on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets are $76 per game. Students in the top 250 of lottery weight will receive an email with ticket purchasing information.

After 5:30 pm today, any remaining tickets will be available for purchase for all Villanova undergrad students on a first come, first serve basis. Please check the Basketball Lottery Website for updated NCAA ticket information.

Go Cats!

Tickets to the Men's Basketball games, both at the Pavilion and Wells Fargo Center are distributed to students through the SGA Student Ticket Lottery.

The Villanova Basketball Lottery is accessible to Villanova University Full-Time Undergraduate students only.

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By logging into the Lottery you accept the Terms of Service. If you are not a full-time underclassman, you will not be able to view the Lottery. If you have any questions, or your access is denied, please contact SGA Hoops Lottery.


  • FULLTIME UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS are eligible for the lottery as well as fulltime Fall students who switch to parttime the following Spring semester.
  • Eligible Students will receive emails as games approach with a link to the online lottery
    Each game has its own lottery, meaning you have multiple chances throughout the season to win a ticket.
  • When the lottery has taken place, students will log into the Basketball Lottery to see lottery results.

Games at the Pavilion

Winning ticket holders will bring their Wildcard to the game. The Wildcard will be swiped and will show access given or denied. Non ticket holders will be asked to leave.

Games at the Wells Fargo Center

Students who have won tickets to games at the Wells Fargo Center will pick up the ticket at the Jake Nevin Fieldhouse ticket office window during the "Ticket Pick Up" period. Unclaimed tickets will be released to the "lottery waitlist"