Villanova Leadership Academy

The goal of the academy is for current or future student leaders to understand and apply practices of leadership. This unique program will assist you in serving in leadership positions both at Villanova and beyond through interactive lectures on leadership for any leaders at Villanova seeking to learn dynamics of leadership. Each Session is designed for the student to explore the leadership experience and perspective of a staff or faculty member within the Villanova community. A Certificate will be awarded to those who complete the program.

Leadership Academy workshops takes place on Fridays from 1:30–2:30 pm in Dougherty Hall, East or West Lounge or Garey Hall as noted below. 

Registration is now open.

SPRING 2017 Leadership Academy Workshops

  • Transitional Leadership
    JJ Brown, Student Involvement
    Friday, February 3
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

    This session will offer advice on how to effectively manage officer transition and will discusses some intentional habits org. leaders can/should develop NOW to help ensure future success! 

  • Proper Spending
    Friday, February 10
    Amy Rockwell, Student Involvement
    West Lounge, Dougherty Hall

    Student organization leaders will receive information on producing a stand out budget, making and processing payments, managing reimbursements, and keeping stellar budgetary records.  The session will provide proven methods on effective fundraising as well as offer helpful guidelines to follow when making sound fiscal decisions throughout the year. 

  • Programming
    Friday, February 17
    Nikki Hornsberry
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

    This session will cover all aspects of effective event planning for student organizations, including planning an event, funding for the event, marketing and advertising the event, and steps to take at the event to maximize its overall impact. 

  • Mission Development & Branding
    Samantha Wheeler
    Friday, February 23
    West Lounge, Dougherty Hall

    This session will provide valuable information on creating a brand and marketing strategy and mission statement for delivery in creative ways communicate your information to the Villanova community. 

  • Community Leadership
    Stephen Koch, Student Involvement
    Friday, March 17
    Garey Rm 10

    This session will discuss how community service can be transformational for student organizations.  A commitment to volunteering can build morale, encourage deeper pride, create more team synergy, and cultivate leadership skills within group members.  Join us to learn how your organization can take advantage of the plethora of service and civic engagement opportunities here at Villanova University. 

  • Cultural Competency
    DeVon Jackson
    Friday, March 24
    West Lounge

    Student groups will understand the importance of being aware of the cultures that serve within our Villanova community both in and outside of the organizations as well as be aware of the meaning of culture and how it is represented within the walls of Villanova.

  • Conflicts in Groups
    Brooke Goodman, Student Involvement
    Friday, March 31
    West Lounge

    This session will explore ways student org. leaders can successfully manage conflict and lead through the 'tough times', students will learn how conflict can be the best thing to happen to their organization. 

  • Member Retention
    Joe Citera, Student Involvement
    Friday, April 7
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

    Student organization leaders will discover how an emphasis on growth, recognition, achievement, participation and enjoyment can ensure member happiness and ultimately take their organization to higher levels of success and productivity. 

  • Awards Banquet
    Friday, April 28– 1:30-2:30 pm
    East Lounge

Villanova Challenge Course

"Challenges are opportunities to discover your strengths."  Two-hour Challenge Course sessions occur between Mondays and Fridays and are free to all student groups!  Contact Stephen Koch.

The Challenge Course is also available to non-Villanova groups.  Contact Stephen Koch. for details.