2005 Work Process Improvement Award Recipients

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November 2005 Team Award

John Bonass (UNIT), Sharon Dana (Wildcard Office), Kathy Gallagher (Wildcard Office)Created and mailed a CD of the Wildcard Program to all incoming new students. This CD explained the whole Wildcard Program including banking and meal plans. This process lessened the number of phone calls prior to orientation with questions about the Wildcard. Deposits on the Wildcard were made online increased dramatically which decreased the number of people standing in line at the Wildcard Office.

June 2005 Team Award

Caryl Keet (UNIT), Barbara Romagnoli (Bursar's Office), Pamela Braxton (Registrar's Office), Jim Kane (Human Resources), Lisa Valosky (Human Resources), Jodi Kaelin (Human Resources), Mary Anne Curran (Human Resources)The Tuition Remission Automation Team (TRAP) has made the process of registering for classes and using tuition remission easier for a great majority of employees and their dependents by bring the whole process on line, thus eliminating paperwork etc. We have received many compliments from employees saying how convenient the whole process is, and how it saves the employee time and concern about meeting deadlines.

April 2005 Team Award

Erika Allen-Lynch, Ric Laudenslager, Carol McMillin, Kevin O'Donnell, Joe Pilcicki, Clete Rickert, Bill Smith, Chris TownendThe team worked together to devise a plan for the safe disposal of computers, monitors and other equipment which is no longer serviceable or adequate. Instead of throwing the items into the trash, departments will notify Recycling or UNIT via an online form that they have items to dispose of. UNIT will evaluate the items, determine if they are surplus, mark those that are with a recycling sticker and Recycling will pick up the items. The items could be donated to organizations which can use them, sold or sent to a decommissioning facility which complies with EPA guidelines for disposal.