2004 Work Process Improvement Award Recipients

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April 2004 Individual Award

Gene Louglin
Gene created an online system which makes Parking Registration a 'point and click' automated process. It has cut back a great deal of paper work for the Parking Office, brought a lot of convenience to students and personnel on campus. It has certainly increased the efficiency for both sides (users and parking officers).

November 2004 Team Award

Kathy Byrnes, Kelly Donio, Michelle Evaul, Donald Godwin, Cathy McMahon, Paul Pugh, Ryan Rost, Marie Schauder
For developing and implementing the "House Calls" program for freshmen, where faculty and staff volunteers visit all of the new freshmen in their dormitories at the beginning of the school year, to conduct a survey regarding any problems that they might be having and to see how they are adjusting to college life. The volunteers chat with the students, gather information on any problems that they are having and pass them along to the appropriate departments on campus, and give the students a refrigerator magnet with a phone number to call if they are having a problem and aren't sure who to contact on campus about it.

September 2004 Team Award

Nancy Dudak, Kelly Eastland and Chrissy Faistl
For creating and implementing “Senior Steps”, a comprehensive program for undergraduate Seniors, to aid in their transition from Villanova to life after college. Events are now scheduled from one office rather than the three offices previously involved. Workshops are offered and a website, just for seniors, has been created so that seniors can find all the information they need about Senior Steps as well as other information pertinent to seniors. The website has improved communication between Villanova and its senior population.

March 2004 Team Award

Maura Ewing (UNIT), Dave Mullen (UNIT)
Maura and Dave were instrumental in the creation of an on-line system whereby incoming freshmen in the School of Business and the College of Engineering receive their laptop computers at their homes prior to Orientation. This allows the students to familiarize themselves with the equipment before classes begin, saves the University the expense of on-campus delivery, distribution, storage and security of the machines.