2003 Work Process Improvement Award Recipients

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December 2003 Individual Award

Frances Pardini (Bursar's Office)
Over 6,000 refund checks are produced for mailing to students each year. An informational mail stuffer is included with each check. Fran devised a way that the information on the mail stuffer could be printed directly on the check which resulted in savings of several hundred dollars and many man hours each year.

October 2003 Individual Award

Bridget Bowers (Career Services)
Bridget designed and implemented an Instant Messaging service which allows students to IM quick questions to Career Services every day between 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. and know that someone will be on-line and able to help them. Each day there is an average of 3-4 inquiries and many of these lead to student follow-up appointments.

October 2003 Team Award

Alice Han (UNIT), Melissa Gerding (University Admission), Jean Kong (University Admission)
For their participation in creating a system whereby prospective students can submit an online form to identify their interests. When submitted, an e-mail is generated providing the students with information and web links relating to their interests. It also stores the information in Banner for future communication with these students regarding their areas of interest. This new system has produced substantial savings to the University by eliminating an outside vendor who previously supplied this service.

March 2003 Team Award

Carolyn Arena (Public Safety), Kathy Liberato (Registrar's Office), Debbie Villano (Registrar's Office)
Juniors are permitted to have cars on campus, Freshman and Sophomores are not. The process for verifying that a student was indeed a Junior was a very frustrating one for the student, the Registrar’s Office and the Public Safety Office. This team designed a process whereby verifications are done promptly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption for the student and both offices.