2002 Work Process Improvement Award Recipients

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December 2002 Team Award

Elvia Beach, Robert DeVos, Christopher Driscoll, Mercedes Julia, Pat Garland, Rose Vesci (Classical and Modern Languages, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Registrar's Office) 

This team arranged for members of the Class of 2006 to take their language placement tests online before June 15, 2002, rather than during Orientation. This allowed the Classical and Modern Language Department to plan the number of level of courses during the summer, making for a smoother beginning of the semester for students and faculty alike. In the past, some part-time faculty were hastily hired a day or two before the beginning of the semester and students often had to make course adjustments that caused confusion.

October 2002 Team Award

John Bonass, Sharon Dana, Kathy Gallagher (Wildcard Office) 

This team improved the process of distributing Wildcards to incoming First-Year Students, Law and Executive MBA students. This cohort was asked to supply the Wildcard Office with their pictures prior to arrival on campus so that Wildcards could be prepared and distributed at Orientation. This saved time during the hectic Orientation schedule and saved rental fees since extra photo equipment was not needed.

September 2002 Team Award

Mary Clifford, Teri O'Brien, Nancy Rambo, Karen Wolfe (Office of Academic Affairs)

This team devised a system which allows much quicker access to data for their office and other offices. A great amount of time has been saved by having information online. They were able to deploy one position to a vacant spot in Academic Affairs. There has also been a $10,000 savings in printing costs.

May 2002 Team Award

Paul Pugh (Dean of Students Office), Cathy McMahon (Dean of Students Office), Marybeth Avioli (UNIT), Will Pohlhaus (UNIT)

This team streamlined the process of inviting eligible seniors (approximately 600) to apply to "Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities" The new process generates letters sent to qualifying students via e-mail (saving postage, letterhead, printing and mailing time) and directs the students to a website that allows them to apply online.

March 2002 Team Awards

Marykay McCaughan, Cindy Pandolfo (Financial Assistance)
This team redesigned the "Student Job Directory". This new format allows the directory to be updated and placed online much more easily and efficiently. The Student Job Directory is also more convenient to students and allows them to start their job search before they arrive on campus.

Suzanne Allen (Part-Time Studies), Chuck Hoffman (Bursar's Office)
This team developed "Part-Time Studies' Villanova Days". Villanova Days, scheduled several times through the year, offer prospective part-time students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Part-Time Studies Academic Counselors and representatives from the Bursar's office to have all of their academic and financial questions answered. These appointments have made it easier for prospective students to gather the information they need and in turn have increased enrollment in Villanova's Part-Time Studies program.