1999 Work Process Improvement Award Recipients

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September 1999 Team Award

Judy Bonanno, Bernice Clay, Karen Tatarsky, Jeremy Mackay, Mary Jane Sally, Fred DiRenzo, Mike McGuckin, Kelly Spokus, Valeris Schmidt, Keeling Broughan, Catherine Almskog, Kristin Jamski and Tina Cellucci (Dining Services "Sensations Team")
This team organized a special event committee for dining halls. The committee consists of 13 staff and student members. They saved money and significantly improved the variety and quality of special events in the dining halls.

July 1999 Team Award

Jim Krafcik (Alumni Affairs), Jean Monroe (UNIT)
Jim and Jean streamlined alumni mailings. They eliminated redundant mailings to the same individual or married couple. It saved $3,600 and natural resources.

April 1999 Team Award

Robb Williams, Aimee Orcutt, Jeff Pierce (Athletics - Sports Medicine)
This team received the work process improvement award for developing a new prescription drug program simplifying the prescription process for athletes and giving athletes 24-hour access to a pharmacy for filling of prescriptions. This saved an estimated $10,000 per year.