Award Recipients

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December  2014

Individual Award

Eydiejo Kurchan, Chemistry Department, College of Liberal Arts and Science

Eydiejo Kurchan from the Chemistry department won an individual award for leading the implementation of ChemTracker system to inventory chemicals used across the University. This enables Villanova to track chemicals cradle to grave, to comply with governmental regulations and to generate up-to-date safety and chemical handling information.   

Team Award

College of Professional Studies: Judy Gentile, Continuing Studies; Amy Rockwell, Student Life (formerly of Continuing Studies); and Tim Toth, UnIT

Judy Gentile,  Amy Rockwell,  and Tim Toth, UnIT won a team award for the use of NolijWeb to electronically scan, catalog and store required VA benefit documents for over 3000 military students in continuing education certificate courses.  This enables the office to reduce paper, streamline VA benefit processing, and provide secure document storage and retrieval.

May 2014

Individual Award

Christine DellaPenna, Clay Center, Villanova School of Business

Christine DellaPenna won an individual award for using the University’s existing Blackboard system to more efficiently source and post grades for students participating in off-campus internships for academic credit

Team Award

Melissa Gerding, Registrar's Office; Susan Hill, John Brzezicki, Christopher Washburn, UnIT

Melissa Gerding from the Registrar’s Office along with Susan Hill, John Brzezicki and Christopher Washburn from UnIT won a team award for the sourcing and implementation of ScriptSafe, a new web-based transcript-request tool for students and alumni. The program not only adds to the quality of service our students receive but also generates revenue for the office which has in turn been reinvested into other quality-enhancing programing. 

May 2013

Individual Award

David Uspal, Falvey Memorial Library

David created a digital map of the Falvey library.  Not only does the map help visitors navigate the building but it also shows students where to find any book in the collection right down to the shelf on which it sits.  To see David's work follow the link here

Team Award

Christine Altman and Taryn Kay, Creative Services

Christine and Taryn created a one-stop website for users to source and request high-quality photos from the University's archives for use in their publications.  This website has cut down on the need to hire additional photographers as well as reduced the need for part-time help.  To see Taryn and Christine's work follow the link here.

December 2012

Individual Award

Justin Ledesma, Undergraduate Admissions

Justin created a homegrown solution to the undergraduate admission committee review process whereby decisions can be made, reviewed and amended on a web-based system which replaced the old paper-based process.  The new system, based in Microsoft Access, allows the admission committee to make better, more informed and more holistic decisions on applicants in a shorter amount of time.

Team Award

Susan Jacobs and Woo Cheng, Graduate Arts and Sciences

Susan and Woo were the leaders of a team which sourced and implemented a third-party software product to receive the Graduate Arts and Sciences applications online replacing the old paper application process.  This system allowed for direct updates into a student's application records in BANNER and saved the need for data entry in the application submission process.

October 2007

Team Award

John Bonass, Wildcard Office; Kathy Bracken, Career Services; Brenda Stover, VSB This team designed and established an electronic system of student check in for large events with the added capability of printing name badges. It has proved to be a tremendous success and makes keeping track of attendance at events a breeze. Students swipe their wildcard at events, attendance is recorded and a name tag is printed. This system has the capability to be used in many areas of the university without additional programming costs. The only cost to other departments would be to pay for the card readers.

October 2006

Team Award

Debbie Patch & Donna Gilman, Public Safety

Created and implemented an online process whereby once a departmental member receives the information from a community member it is added to an online submission form. This can be reviewed and approved instantly. The format is user and reader friendly. Information that is added to the bulletin is instant and each and every public safety employee can access the bulletin via the web. When bulletin items are submitted an expiration date also is included so that old information is rooted out on a daily basis.

November 2005

Team Award

John Bonass (UNIT), Sharon Dana (Wildcard Office), Kathy Gallagher (Wildcard Office)

Created and mailed a CD of the Wildcard Program to all incoming new students. This CD explained the whole Wildcard Program including banking and meal plans. This process lessened the number of phone calls prior to orientation with questions about the Wildcard. Deposits on the Wildcard were made online increased dramatically which decreased the number of people standing in line at the Wildcard Office.

June 2005

Team Award

Caryl Keet (UNIT), Barbara Romagnoli (Bursar's Office), Pamela Braxton (Registrar's Office), Jim Kane (Human Resources), Lisa Valosky (Human Resources), Jodi Kaelin (Human Resources), Mary Anne Curran (Human Resources)

The Tuition Remission Automation Team (TRAP) has made the process of registering for classes and using tuition remission easier for a great majority of employees and their dependents by bring the whole process on line, thus eliminating paperwork etc. We have received many compliments from employees saying how convenient the whole process is, and how it saves the employee time and concern about meeting deadlines.

April 2005

Team Award

Erika Allen-Lynch, Ric Laudenslager, Carol McMillin, Kevin O'Donnell, Joe Pilcicki, Clete Rickert, Bill Smith, Chris Townend

The team worked together to devise a plan for the safe disposal of computers, monitors and other equipment which is no longer serviceable or adequate. Instead of throwing the items into the trash, departments will notify Recycling or UNIT via an online form that they have items to dispose of. UNIT will evaluate the items, determine if they are surplus, mark those that are with a recycling sticker and Recycling will pick up the items. The items could be donated to organizations which can use them, sold or sent to a decommissioning facility which complies with EPA guidelines for disposal.

November 2004

Team Award

Kathy Byrnes, Kelly Donio, Michelle Evaul, Donald Godwin, Cathy McMahon, Paul Pugh, Ryan Rost, Marie Schauder

For developing and implementing the "House Calls" program for freshmen, where faculty and staff volunteers visit all of the new freshmen in their dormitories at the beginning of the school year, to conduct a survey regarding any problems that they might be having and to see how they are adjusting to college life. The volunteers chat with the students, gather information on any problems that they are having and pass them along to the appropriate departments on campus, and give the students a refrigerator magnet with a phone number to call if they are having a problem and aren't sure who to contact on campus about it.

September 2004

Team Award

Nancy Dudak, Kelly Eastland and Chrissy Faistl

For creating and implementing “Senior Steps”, a comprehensive program for undergraduate Seniors, to aid in their transition from Villanova to life after college. Events are now scheduled from one office rather than the three offices previously involved. Workshops are offered and a website, just for seniors, has been created so that seniors can find all the information they need about Senior Steps as well as other information pertinent to seniors. The website has improved communication between Villanova and its senior population.

April 2004

Individual Award

Gene Louglin

Gene created an online system which makes Parking Registration a 'point and click' automated process. It has cut back a great deal of paper work for the Parking Office, brought a lot of convenience to students and personnel on campus. It has certainly increased the efficiency for both sides (users and parking officers).

March 2004

Team Award

Maura Ewing (UNIT), Dave Mullen (UNIT) 

Maura and Dave were instrumental in the creation of an on-line system whereby incoming freshmen in the School of Business and the College of Engineering receive their laptop computers at their homes prior to Orientation. This allows the students to familiarize themselves with the equipment before classes begin, saves the University the expense of on-campus delivery, distribution, storage and security of the machines.

December 2003

Individual Award

Frances Pardini (Bursar's Office) 

Over 6,000 refund checks are produced for mailing to students each year. An informational mail stuffer is included with each check. Fran devised a way that the information on the mail stuffer could be printed directly on the check which resulted in savings of several hundred dollars and many man hours each year.

October 2003

Team Award

Alice Han (UNIT), Melissa Gerding (University Admission), Jean Kong (University Admission)

For their participation in creating a system whereby prospective students can submit an online form to identify their interests. When submitted, an e-mail is generated providing the students with information and web links relating to their interests. It also stores the information in Banner for future communication with these students regarding their areas of interest. This new system has produced substantial savings to the University by eliminating an outside vendor who previously supplied this service.

Individual Award

Bridget Bowers (Career Services)

Bridget designed and implemented an Instant Messaging service which allows students to IM quick questions to Career Services every day between 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. and know that someone will be on-line and able to help them. Each day there is an average of 3-4 inquiries and many of these lead to student follow-up appointments.

March 2003

Team Award

Carolyn Arena (Public Safety), Kathy Liberato (Registrar's Office), Debbie Villano (Registrar's Office)

Juniors are permitted to have cars on campus, Freshman and Sophomores are not. The process for verifying that a student was indeed a Junior was a very frustrating one for the student, the Registrar’s Office and the Public Safety Office. This team designed a process whereby verifications are done promptly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption for the student and both offices.

December 2002

Team Award

Elvia Beach, Robert DeVos, Christopher Driscoll, Mercedes Julia, Pat Garland, Rose Vesci (Classical and Modern Languages, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Registrar's Office) 

This team arranged for members of the Class of 2006 to take their language placement tests online before June 15, 2002, rather than during Orientation. This allowed the Classical and Modern Language Department to plan the number of level of courses during the summer, making for a smoother beginning of the semester for students and faculty alike. In the past, some part-time faculty were hastily hired a day or two before the beginning of the semester and students often had to make course adjustments that caused confusion.

October 2002

Team Award

John Bonass, Sharon Dana, Kathy Gallagher (Wildcard Office) 

This team improved the process of distributing Wildcards to incoming First-Year Students, Law and Executive MBA students. This cohort was asked to supply the Wildcard Office with their pictures prior to arrival on campus so that Wildcards could be prepared and distributed at Orientation. This saved time during the hectic Orientation schedule and saved rental fees since extra photo equipment was not needed.

September 2002

Team Award

Mary Clifford, Teri O'Brien, Nancy Rambo, Karen Wolfe (Office of Academic Affairs)

This team devised a system which allows much quicker access to data for their office and other offices. A great amount of time has been saved by having information online. They were able to deploy one position to a vacant spot in Academic Affairs. There has also been a $10,000 savings in printing costs.

May 2002

Team Award

Paul Pugh (Dean of Students Office), Cathy McMahon (Dean of Students Office), Marybeth Avioli (UNIT), Will Pohlhaus (UNIT)

This team streamlined the process of inviting eligible seniors (approximately 600) to apply to "Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities" The new process generates letters sent to qualifying students via e-mail (saving postage, letterhead, printing and mailing time) and directs the students to a website that allows them to apply online.

March 2002

Team Award

Marykay McCaughan, Cindy Pandolfo (Financial Assistance)

This team redesigned the "Student Job Directory". This new format allows the directory to be updated and placed online much more easily and efficiently. The Student Job Directory is also more convenient to students and allows them to start their job search before they arrive on campus.

Team Award

Suzanne Allen (Part-Time Studies), Chuck Hoffman (Bursar's Office)

This team developed "Part-Time Studies' Villanova Days". Villanova Days, scheduled several times through the year, offer prospective part-time students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Part-Time Studies Academic Counselors and representatives from the Bursar's office to have all of their academic and financial questions answered. These appointments have made it easier for prospective students to gather the information they need and in turn have increased enrollment in Villanova's Part-Time Studies program.

September 2001

Team Award

Stephen Magliocco, Bonnie Lee Behm (Financial Assistance)

This team developed an online loan processing module. It dramatically increased the speed with which loans could be processed and allows students to check loan status online, providing better customer service.

April 2000

Team Award

Patti Rich, Patty Abdalla, Linda Murray, Farzin Irani (Multicultural Affairs Enhancement Team)

This team worked on a project they called: "Blueprints Writing Initiative". They organized the department’s efforts to better utilize Multicultural Affairs’ pages in Blueprints, the Faculty/Staff Newsletter. They divided the responsibility and planned ahead.

September 1999

Team Award

Judy Bonanno, Bernice Clay, Karen Tatarsky, Jeremy Mackay, Mary Jane Sally, Fred DiRenzo, Mike McGuckin, Kelly Spokus, Valeris Schmidt, Keeling Broughan, Catherine Almskog, Kristin Jamski and Tina Cellucci (Dining Services "Sensations Team")

This team organized a special event committee for dining halls. The committee consists of 13 staff and student members. They saved money and significantly improved the variety and quality of special events in the dining halls.

July 1999

Team Award

Jim Krafcik (Alumni Affairs), Jean Monroe (UNIT)

Jim and Jean streamlined alumni mailings. They eliminated redundant mailings to the same individual or married couple. It saved $3,600 and natural resources.

April 1999

Team Award

Robb Williams, Aimee Orcutt, Jeff Pierce (Athletics - Sports Medicine)

This team received the work process improvement award for developing a new prescription drug program simplifying the prescription process for athletes and giving athletes 24-hour access to a pharmacy for filling of prescriptions. This saved an estimated $10,000 per year.

November 1998

Individual Award

Jennifer Brotherson (Registrar)

Jennifer received the work process improvement award because her project enhances operational efficiency during registration, course adjustment, and drop & add periods by changing the way we store the forms we collect from all of the students. The office used to pile all of the forms together and then have work study students spend months filing them. Jennifer purchased alphabetical file folders and put one set on each desk. Now, forms are put in file folders by letter. Consequently filing time has been reduced dramatically. This time saving frees up work studies to be utilized for other tasks.

A time study was done to support this process improvement:

Traditional Method

15 hrs/wk x 8 weeks x $5.75/hr $690.00

x 2 semesters (fall & spring) $1318.00

10 hrs/wk x 4 weeks x $5.75/hr(Summer) $86.25

Total: $1610.00

Improved Method

15 hrs/wk x 8 weeks x $5.75/hr $258.75

x 2 semesters (fall & spring) $517.50

10 hrs/wk x 4 weeks x $5.75/hr(Summer) $86.25

Total: $603.75

Total Savings: $1006.25

The process also enhances the quality of services provided via increasing our efficiency in locating 'problem' registration or drop/add forms for auditing purposes for students, bursar, and academic departments.

Team Award

Joan Canci, Terri D'Alesio (Dining Services)

Terri and Joan received the work process improvement award for their suggestion to use silver lined baskets to distinguish special orders from standard orders which are placed in white lined baskets. This idea was selected because it:

  • Enhances the quality of service in the dining areas by insuring that the customer is only charged for what they have ordered.
  • Enhances operation efficiency by reducing the time spent at the register determining what the customer has purchased.
  • Generates revenue by providing a fool proof mechanism for properly charging customers for all of the extras.

March 1998

Individual Award

Mike Powers (Mail Services)

Mike received the work process improvement award because his project:

  • Enhances quality of service and operational efficiency by automating the central stores ordering procedure. This has cut several days off the overall process of getting supplies.
  • Generates a documentable cost savings by utilizing our existing office automation package to process the users request which removes the need for printing paper forms. 

April 1998

Team Award

Suzanne Davidson, Gabe Liberatore, Jay Manzi, Jim McKee, Kevin O'Donnell, Rick Ovelman (Facilities Management)

The recycling team received the work process improvement award because their project:

  • Enhances quality of service by providing for a clean and healthy environment.
  • Generates a documentable cost savings via producing revenue for materials sent to recycling centers as well as providing a cost avoidance by decreasing the amount of debris we must send to waste treatment centers.

October 1997

Team Award

University Shop and Alumni Affairs Staff

This cross functional team received the work process improvement award because their project:

  • Enhances the quality of service by re-designing the University Shop catalog to make it an attractive publication and present it to alumni as a "service", by mailing it as an insert with the Spires, the publication of the Alumni Association.
  • Enhances operational efficiency by relieving the Alumni Office of having to periodically enter the merchandise business so that they can offer products to alumni.
  • Generates revenue due to the increased coverage of the mailing, sales have increased over 109% from fiscal 93/94 to fiscal 96/97.

April 1997

Team Award

Brian Canavan, Residence Life; Nancy Dudak, Career Planning and Placement; Fr. Frank Farsaci, Residence Life; Jan Janosik, Center for Drug & Alcohol Education; Cathy McMahon, Office of the Vice President for Student Life; Meghan Mooney, Student Development; Ed Reilly, Counseling Center; Joanne Satiritz, Student Development; Brenda Stover, Career Planning & Placement; Will Seppi, Student (Student Life Unit Improvement Team)

This unit improvement team received the work process improvement award because their project:

  • Enhances the quality of service by consolidation distribution of graduation materials and decreasing the time and number of locations a student needs to visit during this hectic time.
  • Enhances operation efficiency by decreasing the number of staff members required to accomplish the task.
  • Generates a documentable cost savings of $7000 per year by eliminating the printing of graduation announcements.