Do You Know the Villagnome?

What is less than one foot tall and sports a long, gray beard and blue, pointed hat? If you guessed the Villagnome, you’re right!
A direct descendent of the subterranean gnomes of legend, the mythical Villagnome visits the campus’s people and departments who have been “caught” performing exceptional acts for the good of the community. The University Staff Council (USC) presents the Villagnome statue—also known as the “Do Something Good Award”—to the winners to protect and enjoy for one month, when the next recipient is selected.
In December, the Villagnome visited Father Chris Drennen and Campus Ministry to recognize them for the success of the Lessons and Carols program, coordinated by Don Giannella and the Pastoral Musicians. Then in January, it journeyed to Helen Tursi, Helen Mercanti and the Community Committee in thanks for their work on the Christmas Social.
After hunkering down to weather the record-setting storms in February, the Villagnome split time between Dining Services, Public Safety, Grounds and the Health Center, which all went above and beyond the call of duty during the snow. Then Anne Ford of Falvey Library, who helped with the Staff Development Committee’s Personal Productivity Series, took home the gnome in May.
Most recently, Marybeth Avioli and the UNIT staff earned a visit from the Villagnome for their hard work redesigning the USC website.
Now that the Villagnome has finally gone beyond the garden, when will he come to a department near you?

Where is the Villagnome:

January 2013 Vince Nicastro, Athletics for your excellent investigative work in solving the theft of televisions from an Athletic complex. Your diligence and skills resulted in the identification and arrest of the thief.

February 2013 Mary Jane Magee, Campus Ministry (retired) in appreciation for your long-time service to the University!

March 2013 Amy Spare – Law School Library for being an amazing asset to the Villanova Law School.   Your colleagues have nominated you this award for being smart, efficient, universally kind and positive, helpfully creative, incredibly hard working and completely engaged in making VULS a stronger institution. 

April 2013UNIT – Matt Morrisey, Emil Kotschneff, Martin McDonnell, Jeff Rule, Rob Watson in appreciation of your hard work on the Law School email migration project.

May 2013 Rick Launderslager – Grounds/Recycling for your excellent work and devotion to Recycling!  Your recycling diligence during the May move-out of students is a huge task that you tackle with unwavering energy and commitment.

September 2013Conference Services – Ron Diment, Sue Scollon, Stefanie Austinat in recognition of your exemplary planning, coordinating, and executing of all summer activities, camps, conferences, and the thousands of visitors hosted on campus during the summer of 2013.

October 2013Executive Campaign Committee – Heather Potts Brown, Cathleen Parsons-Nikolic, William Green, Patricia McGoldrick, Mary Cunningham, Kathy Welsch, James Garvey, Amy Layman, George Kolb, Anne Hoelzle, Emily Spitale in recognition of your hard work and committment to launching Villanova's largest Capital Campaign to date.