2008 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2008 Team Award

Midnight Shift Recognition Team - John Barthmaier, Custodial Services; Beth Green, Human Resources; Joan Hawley, Campus Ministry; Beth Jewell, Astronomy Department; Joan O'Brien, OPTIR; Mary Quilter, Ethics Program; Christine Rittenhouse, Dining Services

The Midnight Shift Recognition Team received the Distinguished Service Award for providing night shift workers the opportunity to "participate in community building, celebratory, campus wide events that typically take place only during the day shift." This team has demonstrated consistent excellence since the 2003-2004 year, by sponsoring multiple events each year. Events have included Christmas parties, summer BBQ's, Valentine's Day and St. Thomas of Villanova day goodie bags. They have gone to extraordinary lengths to make these events special for the participants.  Thanks to the efforts of this team, the one hundred+ night shift workers across the campus now really feel that they are part of the University Community.