2004 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2004 Individual Award

Joan M. O'Brien, Office of Planning, Training & Institutional Research (OPTIR)

Joan O'Brien received the DSA for an individual because the excellence of her work which is known and respected throughout the campus. She has played a pivotal role in the successful completion of a number of large projects including the Universities' Middle States Self-Study and Evaluation Team visit, the NCAA Recertification Self-Study and Peer Review Team visit and in the recent creation of the Catholic Higher Education Research Cooperative.

Joan plays a crucial role in coordinating the many and varied activities of the OPTIR. Without her, the high volume and quality of OPTIR's work would not be possible. She demonstrates an exceptional work ethic, does not worry about traditional working hours, and her experience, attention to detail and calm demeanor make difficult and complicated tasks appear effortless.

She has been called "the everyday heart and soul of VQI" and has been a vital part of it since its inception. In addition to organizing and attending all VQI Council meetings she works very closely with the leaders and members of the more than 20 Enhancement Teams, guiding and coordinating their activities. Over the years she has played an important part in the planning of events such as VQI Socials and annual VQI tailgate and the many events celebrating the tenth anniversary of VQI.

One nominator pointed out that Joan "clearly lives the community ideals that Villanova asks all to strive for. She is a welcoming, just, kind person who volunteers in many areas to enhance the quality of University life."

2004 Team Award

Wireless Network Project Team- Robin M. Allen, UNIT – User Services; Steven Brady, College of Engineering, John L. Center, UNIT – Network and Communications, John H. Fowler, UNIT – Network and Communications, Adam M. Goldstein, UNIT – Network and Communications, William A. Henry, UNIT – User Support, Sean R. McNamara, UNIT – Network and Communications, Jill Morrison, UNIT – User Support, Matthew T. Morrissey, UNIT – Instructional Technology, Michael J. O’Neill, UNIT- Network and Communications, Jarrod J. Pietrobone, UNIT – Network and Communications, Alfred E. Sermons, UNIT – Network and Communications

The Wireless Network Project Team received the DSA for a team in recognition of their "dedication and relentless effort" to install a state-of-the-art wireless network which benefits the entire community students, faculty and staff.

Originally established to roll out wireless data network access for the College of Commerce and Finance and the College of Engineering, the team also provided access at Connelly Center, Dougherty Hall, and Falvey Library which fulfilled one of the library's strategic goals.

One part of the team focused on the physical infrastructure, security and management, painstakingly completing surveys of each area before the cabling and installation of the wireless access points. Another part of the team was responsible for laptop configuration and ongoing support.

The team worked with a limited budget and a compressed time schedule to get the network operational for the Fall 2003 semester. Although the team encountered serious problems along the way with laptops and software, they were, by investing "an enormous amount of time and effort" and by their exceptional performance, able to resolve problems as they arose.