2003 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2003 Individual Award

Joseph Pilcicki, Department of Biology

Joe Pilcicki was recognized for the excellence of his work in supporting "the entire educational and research infrastructure" of the biology department over the last 15 years. Joe is responsible for maintaining the inventory and ordering materials and supplies for the department's more than 80 laboratory courses and sections, and for student and faculty research projects. He handles these and many more tasks with "humor, enthusiasm and efficiency." Joe often reminds his colleagues that "it's all about the students."

Joe's contributions to the University extend well beyond his work in the labs. Calling upon his experience in television, he has produced educational, technical and departmental videotapes documenting laboratory exercises, classroom instruction, seminars and presentations on the operation of new equipment which have proven to be tremendous learning resources. Joe also serves the University as a fire safety instructor and has also helped in many ways with VQI Socials.

Those who know Joe believe that he epitomizes "the community spirit of the University. "His caring and welcoming attitude, the respect he shows to those he meets daily, "his unselfish service and incredible work ethic, and proud spirit are of immeasurable value to the Villanova community."

2003 Team Award

VQI Community Committee - Beth Hassel, Campus Ministry; Carol Anthony, Peace and Justice; John Barthmaier, Custodial Services; Bernice Clary, Dining Services; Donald Godwin, Student Life Diversity Initiatives; Robin Hoose, Multicultural Affairs; Kris Huey, Human Resources; John Kelley, OPTIR; Mary Kay McCaughan Klara, Financial Assistance; Stephen McWilliams, International Students and Human Services; Donna Mulhern, Athletics; George Pinchok, Music Activities; Mary Quilter, Ethics Program; Nancy Sharts-Hopko, Nursing; Terry Sousa, Connelly Center; and Vincent Thomas, Residence Life.

Established in 1993 as one of the original VQI committees, the Community Committee had as its mission to "design and initiate ways to enhance the spirit of community at Villanova," thus supporting one of the primary and fundamental goals of VQI: "to deepen our communal bond and sense of shared purpose."

In the past ten years the Community Committee has initiated a number of events and programs that have done much to enhance the sense of community and have become part of the culture of the University. The events include the Community Forum, the Bread and Soup Lunch, Faculty/Staff picnic, VQI socials and the introduction of St. Thomas of Villanova Day in 1995. The day was established as a means of celebrating the University's Augustinian heritage and honoring St. Thomas of Villanova. Throughout the years, the Committee has continued to engage in many activities on behalf of the Villanova community Recently the Community Committee has focused its attention on the Statement of Community Ideals and ways to implement them. The committee has absorbed the Campus Climate Committee and has developed a literacy program for employees, entitled VALUES. It has also been instrumental in having campus maps placed at the main entrances and is involved in improving the interaction between students and the custodial staff by the recognition of birthdays and the distribution of welcome baskets. It is currently working on the establishment of a Memorial for Deceased Villanovans. Because the idea of community is so integral to the goals of VQI, it is appropriate that this year's award for a team was presented to the VQI Community Committee.