2000 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2000 Individual Award

Bernadette Dierkes, Falvey Library

Bernadette is the Senior Managing Graphics Artist, Instructional Media Services. She produces extremely high quality displays, exhibits and multimedia presentations. She has demonstrated an ability to juggle many complex projects at once and meet deadlines, her exceptional commitment to service and her willingness to work long hours, often on weekends. Bernadette has led two Habitat for Humanity trips to Belfast, Ireland and has served on numerous committees in Falvey Library, various VQI Committees, Books N Hoops and Special Olympics. She has served as a retreat leader for Campus Ministry and a volunteer tutor in Multicultural Affairs' VIP program.

2000 Individual Award

Villanova Experience Learning Community Team - Kathy Byrnes, Assistant Vice President for Student Life; Noreen Gravanese, Bursar's Office; Marie Schauder, Residence Life; Mary Lou Hill-Monaco, Core Humanities; Kathleen Rizzo, Residence Life; Rev. John Betoni, O.S.A., Office of the Registrar; Pam Braxton, Office of the Registrar; Cathy Connor, Registrar; Tim Dietzler, Dining Services; Jack Doody, Core Humanities; Joseph Law, Dining Services; Sean Quinn, '00

The Villanova Experience program seeks to "enrich the learning experiences of (first-year) students and to create more meaningful interactions among the students and between the students and the faculty" by integrating living and learning. The program truly reflects the Catholic and Augustinian values of the University. The student credit the program with "fostering new friendships, facilitating their involvement in myriad of student organizations and functions, assisting them with personal and professional challenges and helping the achieve academic success."