Distinguished Service Award Nomination Process

Nominations and letters of support may be submitted by any member of the campus community (administrators, staff, faculty or students) throughout the course of the year.  The chairperson of the committee will be responsible for administering this process. Nominations must be made and completed using the online form by June 30th of each year. 

The completed nomination package will be reviewed by Human Resources and placed in each nominees' personnel file.  Human Resources will verify that the nominated employee is in good standing with the University.NOTE: Any Villanova employee may nominate or write a letter of support for only one person and/or one team.

Nomination Forms/Packet

Every nomination must include the following:

  1. Completed Nominee Information Form
    The Nominee Information Form is submitted online, and tells the committee who you are nominating, whether it be an individual or a team.
  2. Nomination Statement  

    The Nomination Statement is your statement as to why you feel the person or team should receive the DSA. This statement should be no more than one page long.
    The Nomination Statement is submitted online; your Nomination Statement is included on the same form as the Nominee Information. After you complete the Nominee Information section, you will then click the link to submit your Nomination Statement.

    Your Nomination Statement should clearly articulate how the nominee meets all three of the award criteria by answering the following questions:

    • How does the person (or team) demonstrate consistent excellence?
    • How does the person (or team) demonstrate exceptional performance?
    • What type of activity does the person (or team) perform to enhance our sense of community?

    It should include a description of the nominee's characteristics and specific examples of actions that illustrate the award criteria.

  3. Three Letters of Support
    Your nomination must include three (3) letters of support from any member of the Villanova community (i.e., administrators, faculty, staff, students) to reinforce the nominee's consideration for the award.

    • A letter of support should be no more than one typed page (done online) and must clearly articulate how the nominee meets all three of the award criteria as specified above.
  4. How to Submit/Deadline for Submission
    Your completed nomination package must submitted by June 30th. Your nomination package must include:

    • Completed submission form by main nominator
    • Three additional supporting nominations

    Note: Any nominations that are not complete, that have missing sections, or were submitted after the deadline of June 30th will not be accepted for consideration and will be returned to the nominator. Any information submitted beyond what was presented in the Nomination Statement will not be considered.

    Nominations are welcome in both individual and team categories. Nominations for team awards are allowed as long as the team project was completed during the current fiscal year. Nominations for both individual and team awards must consist of a revised nomination statement; the three letters of support can be duplicated and resubmitted as long as the staff supplying the support letters are still Villanova employees and the letters accurately reflect the nominee's position at Villanova.