Online Nomination Instructions

Below you will find directions on how to complated the Online DSA Nomination/Support Letter. Please print these directions for future reference. Once you click the link below, you will be brought away from this page.

If nominating an Individual or Team for the DSA:

  • Click on the Online Nomination Form
  • Type in the name of the person/persons to be nominated.
  • Type in the three people with their email addresses who will be writing letters of support for your nomination.
  • Write your nomination statement.
  • Click on the box to add a Nomination Statement; you can either write your statement in the box or copy and paste your pre-written statement from another program (e.g., Word) into the box.

Once you have finished typing or pasting your nomination statement into the box, scroll down and click Submit. You will receive a notice saying that Your Nomination has been successfully entered ***.

You now need to ask three supporters to fill out the Online Support Form. Once all three supporters have submitted their nominations, your nomination packet is complete! Remember, submit the forms by the deadline of June 30th.

Special notes if nominating a Team for the DSA:

  • Select the Team Leader; the Team Leader is no more important than the others on the team, but is the contact person for the team.
  • Type in the name of the Team Leader; then type the names of the other people in the box provided. You can separate the names using commas (e.g., John Jones, Mary Smith, James Doe).
  • Type a name for the team in the "Individual or Name of Team" box at the top of the form. If the team does not already have a name, make up a name.
  • You might notice that the guidelines for your statement refer to an individual (How does the person demonstrate consistent excellence?). Please disregard this. You are writing a statement for the team.

If providing a support letter for the DSA:

  • Click on the Online Support Form;
  • Enter the individual name or team name for which you are supplying a support nomination;
  • Type (or copy and paste) your supporting statement;
  • Click Submit.