Distinguished Service Award Criteria & Evaluation

Award Criteria

Awards will be given based upon the extent to which the nominee (individual or team) meets the following three criteria:

Consistent Excellence

Those who, day in and day out, demonstrate excellence in their attitude and performance. Some examples:

  • Interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic and cheerful manner
  • Commands the respect of co-workers, supervisor, students and others
  • Assists others with both personal and professional challenges that impact work life
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge and competence in a wide array of work related topics
  • Uses knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot/solve problems quickly
  • Handles a large workload effectively and in a timely fashion
  • Acts as a team player and encourages teamwork in others
  • Exhibits a high degree of professionalism

Exceptional Performance

Those who demonstrate exceptional performance, above and beyond the call of duty and/or completed a task with a high level of excellence. Some examples:

  • Accepts responsibilities and performs duties above and beyond what is normally expected
  • Works extra hard to help complete a critical work project/s
  • Plays a key role in remedying a crisis or an emergency
  • Provides services which are outside the scope of normal work duty
  • Completes challenging tasks with little direction or supervision

Villanova Community

Those who perform an activity which significantly enhances our sense of community or fosters a community spirit. Some examples:

  • Serves on University committees that promote the department/University and its staff and students
  • Acts as a mentor for others by providing advice, guidance, feedback and encouragement
  • Helps to integrate new employees or supervisors into the work environment
  • Shares personal knowledge and skills with others in an effort to promote the welfare of staff and students
  • Serves as a positive role model for others

Selection Process

The award process will be administered by a sub-committee of the University Staff Council approved by the President. Members are selected from the University staff council and will be representative of the entire community. The chair of the Distinguished Service Award sub-committee leads this process. A representative from Human Resources will serve on the committee in an ex-officio capacity. They will facilitate the selection process, but are not voting members. Members of the sub-committee will not be eligible for the award while serving on the committee.

All nominees will be judged in comparison to all other nominees for the current fiscal year. Examples and achievements will only be considered if they are related to work in the department and/or at the University. Each committee member will use a ten-point scale to rate the nominees based on the Nomination Statement. Letters of support will then be reviewed. An average score will be developed for each nominee. A run-off vote will then be conducted with the top three scorers to determine the awardee who will be recommended to the President. The President will approve all awards.