Council Duties

Suggested Duties of USC Executive Committee and Officers

Executive Committee: Guides publicity, schedules meetings, prepares agenda, meets with Faculty Congress and SGA. If necessary, makes decisions in between full USC meetings.

Chair: Meets regularly with the President, Faculty Congress and SGA, serves on University Senate, presides at USC meetings

Vice-Chair: Serves on University Senate, acts as timekeeper at USC meetings, presides at meetings in absence of Chair

Treasurer: Prepares annual budget plan and annual revenue expenditure report, prepares monthly budget reports for Executive Committee, presents budget reports at USC meetings

Secretary: Takes minutes at USC and Executive Committee meetings, disseminates minutes, maintains meeting attendance record, publicly announces meetings, maintains USC website.

Presidential Appointee:  Christine Quisenberry

Suggested Duties of USC Member Representatives

Member Representative: Attends all USC meetings, participates as needed on committees, maintains communication with head of home unit, communicates with home constituency, communicates ideas/issues of constituency and Unit head to USC. Actively participates in USC projects.

Committee Chairs

Above and Beyond Award:
Mary Agnes Ostick, Student Health Center

Distinguished Service Award:
Joan Lesovitz, UNIT

Work Process Improvement Award:
Marie O'Brien, Mathematical Sciences

Midnight Shift Recognition Team:
Joan O'Brien, OPIR