Compost Program


Waste Reduction is the Answer!

Prior to the Spring 2008 semester, the Italian Kitchen and Corner Grille generated an average of 100 bags of trash per day. At that time approximately 80% of the customers in Italian Kitchen and Corner Grille ate there, only 20% of their business was take out. By using reusable products, the daily trash in these locations can be reduced to 10 bags per day, and by using eco-friendly disposables, all of that can be composted. In the Summer of 2012 the Italian Kitchen and Corner Grille were closed, redesigned and opened as Cafe Nova.  Early reports show that there may actually be an increase in eat in business over take out.  Cafe Nova has continued with the Italian Kitchen and Corner Grille practice of using reuseable and green products.  The take out products offered in Cafe Nova require 65% less fossil fuels to produce than traditional plastic products.

To go containers and cups as well as the utensils and napkins used in Cafe Nova are all 100% compostable.  Compostable products are great for the environment but are currently much more expensive than traditional products.  This makes waste reduction and the use of our reusable products a very important part of the program; without both, we would be forced to pass along the cost of these expensive containers to the end user.

You are the key to cutting down on the use of disposables. When dining in Cafe Nova please use our permanent ware; when you need to take food on the go, use eco-friendly disposables.

Cafe Nova