Reel Convenience

Reel Convenience

Connelly Center - Lower Level
Phone: (610) 519-6938
(610) 519-7262

Regular Hours of Operation

Noon - 11:00 PM 7 days
Hours may vary during Holidays and Breaks, Click Here for Current Hours


New Releases -  $4.00 for 3 Days!
Non New Release - $3.00 for 5 days
Games - $7.00 for 5 days


Rental Policies:

1. Membership to rent movies at Reel Divine is FREE!!
2. New Release weekday movie rentals are for 3 days, non new release rentals are for 5 days.
3. Payment is due when items are rented.
4. Movies are due back at 2:00 pm on due date.
5. Any movie or game not returned by 2:00 PM on the date due back will automatically be charged another rental fee and will be re-rented for another 3 or 5 day period. 
6. All previously viewed merchandise is guaranteed for thirty (30) days after purchase.

New Releases
Non-New Releases
& Games
Rent Movie Return by 2:00 pm on Rent Movie Return by 2:00 pm on
Monday Thursday Monday Saturday
Tuesday Sunday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Thursday
Sunday Friday

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Over 2600 Movie, Game and TV Titles!

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Reel Divine
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Important Films on the topics of Sustainability, Health and Nutrition

Reel Divine Video features several films on the topic of Sustainability, Nutrition and Health.  Please stop by Reel Divine to rent one of these very educational and transformative documentaries.  Below is list of titles available for rent and links to previews of the films: 

Eating, Michael Anderson - Rave Diet

Dying to Have Known - Kroschel Films

FOOD INC - Robert Kenner

Food Matters - Producer-Directors James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch

Ingredients - Optic Nerve Productions

The Gerson Therapy

Simply Raw - Raw Food for Thirty, LLC

Tapped - Stephanie Soechtig

Vanishing of the Bees - Ellen Page

Blue Gold: Water Wares - Malcom Mc Dowell

The Future of Food - Exequiel Ezcurra

Thanks for supporting our on campus video store.