Step 4: Registration

Register for Your Meal Plan

Step 4

Meal Plan Registation through MyNova is now closed.

If you have not yet registered for a plan or need to change the plan you selected, please use the change form found here. Changes are accepted without penalty (usage charges may apply) until September 1, 2015.  After that a $50 change fee will apply, no changes will be accepted after September 8, 2015.

All students living on campus in a dorm are required to have a meal plan, anyone who does not select a meal plan by the June 19th deadline will be placed in the unlimited plan.  Apartment residents and commuters can register for a plan but they are not required to have a meal plan and will not be automatically placed into a plan.

Spring meal plans DO NOT carry over to the fall - everyone must register for a fall plan before the June 19th deadline even if they had a meal plan in the spring.  Your fall meal plan selection will carry over to the 2016 spring semester unless you request a change during the change period.


Find the Perfect Meal Plan

We offer several meal plan options, whether you're a resident freshman or a commuting student we have a plan that will meet your needs.

Check out our new online guide to find a meal plan and sign up!

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