Holy Grounds at Falvey

Convenience Stores

Donahue Market
Convenience Store at Donahue Court
Second Storey Market

Convenience Store at St. Mary's Hall
Reel Divine

Convenience and Video in Connelly Center

Cash Operations

Belle Air Terrace
Connelly Center
The Exchange

Bartley Hall
Cafe Nova

Located in Dougherty Hall!
St. Augustine Cafe

St. Augustine Center
Law School Cafe

Located in The New Law School Building

Connelly Center
The Commons @ Driscoll Hall

Located on Driscoll's 2nd Floor

Holy Grounds Locations

@ Connelly Center
Lower level of Connelly Center
@ The Exchange

Located in Bartley Hall's Exchange
@ Falvey

Located in the Falvey Memorial Library

Located in CEER, 1st Floor
Legal Grounds

Located in The Law School Building