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Employment Opportunities

Great part-time opportunities, without having to leave campus!

Dining Services employs nearly 400 students each semester in a variety of positions, from baristas at our Holy Grounds coffee shops to Freshens attendants to servers in our residence dining halls. With opportunities seven days a week, hours throughout the day and across campus, we'll work with you around your schedule to make you a part of our team.

Dining Services is Now Hiring!
Many Shifts and Locations Available!


To apply for postions in dining services please visit the dining services office in St Mary's Hall. (across from the dining hall on the first floor)


  • Flexible shifts to fit your class schedule
  • You're off for all major holidays and breaks
  • Convenience of working on campus
  • Having a strong voice in forming new plans for Dining Services locations and procedures
  • Great opportunity to expand your social network
  • Pleasant working conditions, friendly co-workers

Applying for a Position

Please stop by the Dining Services Office in St. Mary's Hall to apply for a position.  The office is located directly across from the dining hall entrance.


For more information about available student positions in Dining Services Please contact one of our student managers.


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