Off the Beaten Path

New Zealand
"Up in the clouds". Students overlooking mountain lakes in New Zealand

Students have the opportunity to study in literally every corner of the globe. Biology field studies in Costa Rican rain forests, interning with the Vatican, exploring southeast Asia, and learning arabic in Jordan are only a few of the programs available.

Here you will find various programs that are a little "Off the Beaten Path".

Brikama, The Gambia                                                     LINK TO PROGRAM
Engineering, African Studies, Development Studies and Education majors

Gaborone, Botswana                                                       LINK TO PROGRAM               
Summer Community Public Health. CIEE

Luxor, Egypt                                                                    LINK TO PROGRAM
Ancient Egyptian Field Research. Villanova summer program


Sharjah, United Arab Emirates                                             LINK TO PROGRAM
Business, Engineering, Arts + Sciences. CIEE      


Sea Semester Woods Hole                                                                LINK TO PROGRAM
"Isn’t it worth one semester to study three-quarters of the world?"
Marine and environmental field studies    

Sucre, Bolivia                                                                   LINK TO PROGRAM
Spanish, Arts + Sciences                                    


Vatican City                                                                   LINK TO PROGRAM
Vatican Communications Internship Program. Villanova semester program


Spotlight On!

Country: Budapest
University: Corvinus University
Program: CIEE


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is located in Western Europe, bordering Austria to the west and Romania to the East. This major city is split in half by the Danube River, which flows through centuries of history, in what today is a modern metropolis with all the amenities of other major European cities.