Know Before You Go

The Vatican at Dusk
Picture of the Vatican taken by VU student

What classes are offered?  Where can I take trips?  What's it going to be like? Here are some answers from students who recently returned from their semester abroad.


Philosophy of Buddhism  "It was amazing. The professor had studied for ten years in a Buddhist monastery. He was truly enlightened fellow who gave me a greater articulation for explaining my experiences of this world."

Irish Studies  "was a class taken in Ireland sponsored by Villanova, taught by a Villanova professor. It was great to have a class with just other Villanova students and learn more about Irish culture in a classroom setting. It was also helpful to be able to talk about our experiences with our teacher, who was Irish herself."

Anime  "Method and Meaning, because we watched famous animated movies from Japan and discussed them how they have affected Japan's culture and history."

Urban Planning  Was a class available to students in Australia but not at Villanova.

Where did they go?

Munich for Oktoberfest, Helsinki for a hockey game, Prague to visit friends, and Amsterdam for fun.

South Africa for the world cup

Transylvania,  Ukraine, Poland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Some facts and advice from former students

Japan "People were so helpful and very friendly"

Spotlight On!

Country: Budapest
University: Corvinus University
Program: CIEE


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is located in Western Europe, bordering Austria to the west and Romania to the East. This major city is split in half by the Danube River, which flows through centuries of history, in what today is a modern metropolis with all the amenities of other major European cities.