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Hundertwasser-Haus apartment building in Vienna, Austria.
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary
Salt Flats, Argentina
Salt Flats, Jujuy, Argentina
Swiss Alps
The Swiss Alps
Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy
VU student in Switzerland
Lake in the shadows of the Swiss Alps
Galway, Ireland
Students looking out to see from atop cliffs in Galway, Ireland
Pamplona, Spain
Former student at San Fermin, the running of the bulls, in Pamplona, Spain.
Machu Pichu, Peru
Student at Machu Pichu in Peru

Spotlight On!

Country: Budapest
University: Corvinus University
Program: CIEE


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is located in Western Europe, bordering Austria to the west and Romania to the East. This major city is split in half by the Danube River, which flows through centuries of history, in what today is a modern metropolis with all the amenities of other major European cities.