Free Agents

Don't have a TEAM???

Register as a free agent.  E-mail the following to to be added to the list.

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Sport(s) of Interest
  • League(s) (Men's, Women's, Co-ed)

Captain's:  Contact any free agents to sign them to your team.  You'll need to obtain a waiver from them.
Free Agents:  Once you get picked up by a team please e-mail to be removed from the listing.
Tournaments: FAs must be added by the captain's meeting. Waivers must accompany all roster additions and must be submitted to the IM office.
Seasons: Teams have until the captain's meeting to add players. Waivers must accompany all roster additions and must be submitted to the IM office.

*** Get ambitious and form a team from the free agent pool.  Take the initiative. ***

Octavia Simmons
Flag Football/ Indoor Volleyball/ Kickball
Women or Coed

Mikaela Yatsinko
Any Sport
Womens or Coed

Zachary Davis
Homerun Derby/ Flag Football/ Outdoor Soccer/ Dodgeball
Mens or Coed

Jeremy Bonafe
Mens or Coed

Erika Serhus
Sand-Volleyball and Outdoor Soccer
Sand-Volleyball: Women's or Co-ed
Soccer: Women's

Mark Bezem
Flag Football, Outdoor Soccer
Men's, Co-ed

Lily Guevel
Flag Football

Angelo Milone
Flag Football and Home Run Derby
Mens or Coed

Justin Ortega
Flag Football and Softball
Mens or Coed

Madeline Mitchell
Outdoor Soccer and Indoor Volleyball

Meghan Lonergan
Flag Football
Women or Co-ed

Connor O’Neil
Soccer, Flag Football
Mens or Coed

Dan Glazewski
Flag Football

Henry Tobin
Flag football

John Sanchez
Flag Football, Dodgeball, Kickball
Mens or Coed

Brian Gallagher
Flag Football

Conner Kawakami
flag football, dodgeball, kickball
Men's, coed

Alyssa Curry
Flag Football

Field Locations

See the map below for a map of the field locations. Click the image for a larger view.

map image of field locations