Class Descriptions

image of yoga pose

Crunch & Burn

You’ll burn fat and calories for 20 continuous minutes and then we’ll work on your AB muscles to trim and tone the middle. The moves will be shown to meet the various levels of the class. This is good for beginners and experienced cardio workout enthusiasts. The ending stretch will leave you feeling renewed. You must wear sneakers.


A mat based class designed to increase flexibility, core strength, and toning. We will be developing an awareness of breath and spine alignment to strengthen the deep torso muscles and increase fluidity and control of the body.


Zumba Fitness®:The Zumba® workout provides calorie-burning fitness routines through simple Latin and urban dance moves. The routines utilize interval-training with fast and slow rhythms and resistance training, which combined successfully tone and sculpt the body while burning fat.


The Verge Yoga Stationary Sequence will help you build physical and
mental stability. Poses include Standing, Balancing, Twists,
Core-Strengthening, Backbends and Forward Bends.  Intermediate to
advanced students will find our Stationary Sequence spacious and
invigorating.  Verge Yoga’s focus on mindful movement and alignment
will help you find your inner strength, stability and clarity. Perfect
for athletes

Vinyasa yoga class taught in a non-competitive environment, offering variations for all levels of students, allowing students to work at their own pace. Some basic knowledge of yoga poses and alignment strongly recommended.  Introduction to inversions, more challenging back bends and arm balances.

This invigorating vinyasa style yoga combines hatha poses in dynamic flowing sequences to build flexibility, strength, balance, focus and endurance.  Step on to your mat, unite movement and breath, and come away feeling rested yet energized in mind and body

As you step onto your mat, experience the practice of yoga through movement and breath. This vinyasa style class is 60 minutes of complete physical awareness to awaken your mind as you stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body. From beginners to advance are welcomed.

Vinyassa Flow: A lively flow of postures organized to challenge the body and illuminate the spirit.  This class combines breath and posture to heighten awareness and build strength of mind, body and spirit.