Mountain Bicycle Patrol


One such creative and proactive measure is the addition of the mountain bicycle patrol capability to existing Departmental patrol assets. A campus that presents the challenge of being large, yet also frequently congested makes traditional walking and vehicular patrols difficult to maneuver. Utilizing the bicycle patrol concept is the perfect answer to improving the University/Public Safety relationship.

Why have Public Safety officers on bicycles? Villanova is currently experiencing a period of sustained growth. As construction projects enhance and expand our physical plant, as our resident student population grows, as the traffic arteries that serve the area around Villanova undergo extensive renovations, the mission of the Department of public Safety increases in both size and complexity. What is needed by the Department are officers that are mobile enough to respond quickly to calls for service, as well as to maintain our closeness to the University community. Highly trained and motivated Public Safety officers patrolling on mountain bicycles provides the ability to meet all of these challenges.

Contact Information

On-Campus: 94444
Off-Campus: 610-519-4444

610-519-6979 (option #1)

We are located at Farrell Hall
on Lancaster Ave.

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