Patrol Units

Patrol Units

Members of Villanova University's Department of Public Safety are duty-bound to render assistance and provide the best possible service to members of the Villanova community. The Department of Public Safety's patrol unit is a 24/7 operation comprised of three shifts of approximately 15 staff personnel each. Each shift is managed by a Lieutenant/Shift Manager and structured in the following manner: One Sergeant/Supervisor, one communications officer/dispatcher, and several patrol officers performing foot, vehicle, and bicycle patrol operations.

Similar to other campus security/law enforcement Departments, the Villanova Department of Public Safety provides many proactive services in pursuit of accomplishing its mission of: providing a safe and secure environment that is conducive to the learning process for all members of the University community. Additionally, the Department is responsible for the detection and prevention of crime and the enforcement of University rules and regulations.

Within the patrol unit, 20 personnel, both supervisors and officers, have received their Pennsylvania State Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certifications and are prepared to collaboratively assist the Villanova Emergency Medical Services (VEMS) with providing necessary and critical patient care.

Villanova University is situated in a densely populated, congested suburban locale. The Department faces many difficult challenges in providing high quality service to the University's students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Developing and implementing effective strategies that fulfill this need often requires an innovative approach.

Contact Information

On-Campus: 94444
Off-Campus: 610-519-4444

610-519-6979 (option #1)

We are located at Farrell Hall
on Lancaster Ave.

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