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Crime Prevention Tips - Christmas Break 2016


Villanova University is concerned about the safety and welfare of its students, faculty and staff, and visitors, and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment. Because no campus is isolated from crime, we are providing the following information designed to help protect persons on the campus.

This section's objective is to communicate safety and security concepts throughout the campus community, educating students, faculty and staff in the following areas: People Identification Tips, Vehicle Identification Tips, Residence Halls, Personal Safety, Carjacking, Key Chains/Whistles, Bicycle Safety, Fire Safety/Alarm Procedures, Sexual Assault Prevention, Emergency Call Boxes, as well as other timely issues in public safety.

For more information, or to schedule a customized crime prevention presentation for your department, group, or residence hall, please contact:

Lt. Carlos Rodriguez at 610-519-3528 (internal ext. 9-3528) or at


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The Department engages in a wide range of crime prevention, education, and community outreach activities that occur on a regular basis throughout the calendar year. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Presentation to parents and students during new student orientation
  • Participation in RA training annually
  • Participation in new employee orientation (bi-weekly)
  • Participation in Peer Educator training for Health Promotion student volunteers (bi-annually)
  • Presentation to Greek Life social chairs (once each semester)
  • Participation in the “buddy walk” during sorority rush (annually)
  • Presentation to student athletes about safety on campus (annually)
  • Participation Rays of Sunshine program on campus for high-risk youth (annually).
  • RAD (1-2 courses per semester)
  • Publication of a “break” safety bulletin prior to breaks throughout the semester.
  • Published an ad in the new student orientation edition of the Villanovan.
  • Conducted an identity theft presentation jointly with Wachovia Bank for employees.
  • Conducted a safety awareness and panic alarm presentation to nightshift nurses at the health center.
  • Several Department members received training on becoming designated “Safe Zone” volunteers (offered by VU Pride and Student Life).
  • Testing of all exterior propped door alarms in residence halls (monthly)
  • Inspection and report of all defective outside lighting (monthly)
  • Participation in “Girls Just Want to have Fun” (annually)
  • Large annual crime prevention event in conjunction with National Campus Safety Awareness Month (done in conjunction with the annual found property auction). This event is particularly impressive in that it involves tabling from local law enforcement and victims’ advocacy groups.
  • Training on the use of panic and robbery alarms (annually)
  • Participation/membership in the University Staff Council (ongoing)
  • Sexual assault prevention presentations in residence halls (upon request)
  • Publication of a safety bulletin and safety presentation prior to sorority rush programming for spring semester.

Contact Information

On-Campus: 94444
Off-Campus: 610-519-4444

610-519-6979 (option #1)

We are located at Garey Hall
at the intersection of Spring Mill Road and County Line Road

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