2013 Department Activity Report

Calls for Service

The Department responded to a total of 4,629 calls for service in 2013.

Type of Call # of Calls
Transports 1,443
Room Lockouts (Residence) 1037
Vehicle Jump Starts 347
Found WildCard 223
Access Building Classroom 653
Vehicle Lockouts 92
Other 834

Incident Reports

An incident report is completed for any situation where a crime may have been committed, any response to an alarm on campus, calls for medical situations, reports of accidents, and where officers investigate suspicious circumstances. In 2013, officers completed 2,944 incident reports.

Lost and Found

In 2013, the Department received 1,415 items of found property and was able to return approximately 60% to the rightful owner. Unclaimed property is sold at the annual Public Safety Found Property Auction, which is held in conjunction with National Campus Crime Awareness Month each September. Proceeds from the auction are donated to the Villanova University “Rainy Day Fund”, administered through the Office for Multicultural Affairs. 


Officers attended several half-day sessions of in-service training, held in January and August in addition to completing on-line training and various roll call training sessions. Training topics in 2013 included:

Fraudulent Identification
First Aid/ CPR
Management of Aggressive Behavior Training
Automated Records Management and Incident Coding
Human Resources Benefits and Programs Training
Camps and Conferences on Campus
Virtual Tours of Campus
Campus Transformation and Parking
Campus Clery Geography
Use of Force Policy Review
Narcotics Confiscation Policy Review
Room Entry/Search  Policy Review
Protection from Abuse  Policy Review
Alcohol Policy/Procedure Review
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
Field Interviews/ Note taking / Collection of information for incident reports
Bias Based Profiling Policy Review
Cultural Diversity/ Sensitivity Training
Violence Against Women : Domestic Violence and Response
Campus Security Authority Training
Workplace Harassment Training
Pressure Points Control Tactics
Hazardous Materials
Blood Borne Pathogens
Incident Command System

In addition to in-service training, officers received specialized training at off-site locations throughout the year. In 2013, select officers received specialized training in the following topic areas:

RAD Self Defense Instructor Training
On Scene Vehicle Collision Investigation
CPR Instructor Training
POSIT Supervisory Training
Jihad in America Radicalizing Clean skins
Field Officer Training Certification
Campus Crime Prevention Practitioner Course
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
Sign Language for Police Officers
Investigation of Sex Crimes for Campus Police/Public Safety Agencies
Reid Interviewing and Interrogation
Criminal Intelligence
FBI Bomb Training Presentation
Clery Act Update/ VAWA


The Investigative Unit conducts follow up investigations into reports of crimes and violations of University policy. In 2013, the Unit investigated 287 Incidents, bringing 115 of cases to a successful resolution.

Crime Prevention

The Department conducted crime prevention activities throughout the year, to include the following specific programs:

National Campus Safety Day
Community Outreach with University Shop/ Convenience Stores
Community Outreach with Athletics
RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Self Defense Courses
Domestic Violence Programming/
Alpha Chi Omega
New Employee Orientation
New Student Orientation
Resident Assistant Training
Campus Community Alerts
Directed Patrol Activities
Nova Alert Testing
Residence Hall Presentations
Campus Security Authority Training Program
Crime Prevention Tables at campus events

Emergency Management

The Department completed revisions and updates of the University’s Emergency Management Plan in 2013.  In November, we conducted a campus-wide Lockdown drill exercise.  Also, volunteers were found from various building throughout campus for a newly created "Building Safety Assistants" program.  The Building Safety Assistants received familiarization of the University's Emergency Management Plan and training on their new roles.

Internal Affairs

In 2013, the department investigated 7 complaints against officers that were filed by members of the campus community. Complaints filed with the department are fully investigated through the internal affairs procedures. The complaints are classified as follows:

Rudeness/Discourtesy: 4

Disparate Treatment: 1

Use of Force: 1

Denied Access: 1

Of the 7 complaints, four were substantiated and three were unsubstantiated. Investigations that yielded complaints resulted in some level of discipline ranging from verbal counseling to termination of employment. One complaint filed in 2013 alleged bias-based profiling. 


The Department oversaw the issuance of 8,123 parking permits in 2012. Officers wrote 9,729 tickets and booted 0 vehicles. No vehicles were towed from campus during the past year.


The Department experienced 15 separations at various ranks due to retirements, resignations, and terminations throughout the year. Some vacancies were created when officers were promoted into a higher rank.

Unit or Rank # of Vacancies # filled through promotion # of external hires
Investigator 1 1 0
Lieutenant 1 1 0
Sergeant 2 2 0
2 1 0
Patrol Officer 2 6 2 4
Patrol Officer 1 2 1 0
Housing Officer 5 1 4
Parking Officer 3 1 2

Special Events

The Department provided extra security coverage at special events held on campus throughout the year. A total of 7,365 hours of extra coverage was provided in 2013, at 359 special events, such as homecoming, commencement, move-in, campus sporting events, dances, and other activities.