Spring 2004 Issue Vol. 115, No. 1

Spring 2004 Issue Vol. 115, No. 1

About This Issue

This issue of American Catholic Studies should appeal to the “generalist” in all of us; and we’re hoping there’s a little something for everyone within these pages.  We are particularly pleased that each of the three articles deals with very diverse areas of this growing disciple.

Walker Gollar (Xavier University, Ohio) provides readers with a new look at a topic that is both important and painful in American society: slavery.  In addition to offering readers a new look at Father Stephen Badin, Gollar reminds us that, students of American Catholicism need to grapple with this issue and its repercussions.

Historians of American Catholicism should be very familiar with the figure that is the topic of the article by Richard Gribble, CSC (Stonehill College).  I suspect many of you will remember the first time you read one of the numerous books and/or articles written by Thomas McAvoy, CSC as you read about the life and work of one of the “first” American Catholic historians.

We are delighted to publish an article by Ann Silverberg (Austin Peay State University) on American Catholic liturgical music.  Everyone has an opinion on Catholics and liturgical music (or lack thereof); Silverberg’s article should help us all to come to a more informed perspective on the subject.

In addition to several book reviews, this issue also features a review symposium on Anti-Catholicism in America: The Last Acceptable Prejudice by Mark Massa, S.J.  Symposium reviewers have to work under very tight deadlines so that their work can then go to the author for a final response; and we thank the four reviewers and Mark Massa for their willingness to work with us so that their reviews and questions could appear in this issue.

This issue’s cover celebrates the life and work of Sister Mary Luke Tobin, SL.  We are grateful to Margaret Reher (Cabrini College) for her warm and insightful essay, and we thank the Sisters of Loretto who worked with us to provide the photographs for this issue.

We hope you enjoy all of the articles and reviews in this issue of American Catholic Studies.  Note, by the way, that it is the SPRING issue – and that’s good news for all of us!

Margaret McGuinness, Co-editor