Fall 2006 Issue Vol. 117, No. 3

Fall 2006 Issue Vol. 117, No. 3

About this Issue

The fall 2006 issue of American Catholic Studies offers an attractive collection of scholarship.

Our lead article by Timothy Matovina (University of Notre Dame) argues that survey courses, textbooks, and other materials dealing with Latino Catholicism must pay attention not only to the missionary system, but to the diocesan clergy, parishes, and structures that were also foundational elements of Latino Catholicism in the Southwest. He claims it is the longevity of parishes that sustained the faith of Hispanic Catholics.

Clay O'Dell, who recently completed his doctorate in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, offers a timely historical reflection concerning what extent Catholic social teaching should inform participation in American political life. His case study explores how Catholics in the Archdiocese of San Francisco in 1964 reacted to positions outlined by Archbishop Joseph McGucken in favor of California's fair housing law.

The origin of nineteen hymns and anthems which appeared in the first American Catholic hymnal is sought by Thomas Wangler (Boston College), and he proves a capable sleuth on this question that was first posed in this journal by Hugh Henry in 1915. Wangler's article includes the hymns themselves.

Susan Karina Dickey, O.P.'s review essay on the American Dominican experience deals with three major recent scholarly books, and we thank her for the time and seriousness she brought to this significant task.

Books dealing with Opus Dei, women saints, Catholic schools, Quebec's Catholics, Cardinal Patrick O'Boyle, A. Philip Randolph, Marian apparitions, gender issues, and much more are found in the reviews that follow.

Dissertation abstracts from emerging scholars at eight institutions show the most recent scholarship, and the diversity of schools helping to produce it.

You have already noticed the splendid art depicting Saint Elizabeth Bayley Seton on our covers; make sure you read the excellent essay by Judith Metz, SC. It is one of our best covers and essays.

As always, we are grateful to all our contributors for continuing to enrich the pages of our journal.

Rodger Van Allen, Co-editor

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