Lilly Teaching Conference Travel Fellowship for First Year Faculty

Call for Applications Open Until April 12

Refer to the Call for Applications document (PDF). For further information consult the Fellowship Application section, following reflections from the 2016 Lilly Teaching Conference Travel Fellows.
For questions, contact Gabriele Bauer via email or at ext. 9-5627.


Lilly Fellow 2016: Dr. Sunny Hallowell, College of Nursing
"My teaching tool-kit full has been filled with online tools to create exceptional flipped classroom experiences, evidence-based teaching techniques to promote classroom engagement and rubric designs to measure student performance. I have a better understanding of how I might be able to teach my students how to learn through metacognitive strategies to help them prepare for class by reading efficiently and effectively using the SQ3R technique. I came away with examples of how we might provide innovative learning experiences for our students."


Lilly Fellow 2016: Dr. Susan Meyers, College of Nursing
"Research over the past decades shows it’s impossible for students to absorb and process all the information presented during a lecture. I learned teaching practices that engage students and motivate them to take responsibility for what or how they learn. This conference was very informative and inspiring."

Lilly Fellow 2016: Dr. Ian Clausen, ACSP
"I appreciated the speakers for their concrete advice on pedagogical issues. For example, on the perennial issue of getting students to prepare for class, I found it helpful to think about my own preparation and how that might contribute to the students’ out-of-class work. One of the lessons I took away from Lilly was the importance of giving guidelines for out-of-class assignments. The classroom is my chance to model textual engagement at a level that builds upon their class preparation. In short, the Lilly conference helped me think about my teaching as a continuous invitation into the depths of a text. How we extend that invitation to our students today, particularly in this age of technology and soundbites, is a question every educator must wrestle with directly."


Lilly Fellow 2016: Dr. Zeynep Kabukcuoglu, Economics, Villanova School of Business
"The Lilly Conference provides a great variety of techniques and skill set on evidence-based teaching and learning. I mostly benefited from rich discussions and activities on how to establish active engagement, what to expect from students and how to use technology effectively in the learning environment."

Lilly Fellow 2016: Dr. Rachel Smith, Theology & Religious Studies
"The Lilly Conference provided a great amount of information and affective ‘boost’ for my teaching life. I am revising syllabi to include techniques I learned at the conference, particularly practices that encourage participation in ways that do not punish the introverts or unleash the extroverts and that are tied to clear assessment."

Lilly Fellow 2016: Dr. Kerry San Chirico, Theology & Religious Studies


Lilly Fellow 2016: Dr. Michael Curran, Economics, Villanova School of Business
"I gained appreciation for the nuances in how humans learned, through research on multi-sensory learning and the teaching effect, demonstrating the effectiveness of students teaching students rather than reading and reviewing in retaining information long-term. I will be using many of the tips (e.g. knowledge surveys, minute papers, pair activities, mind maps, jigsaws, assigning multiple student roles, closure, quizzes, poster carousels, short videos) during lectures, encourage group study and teaching and provide informative, corrective feedback far more often."


Fellowship Application
Lilly Conference
, Bethesda, MD, June 1-4, 2017

The Lilly Teaching Conference Travel Fellowship supports full-time, first-year faculty members at Villanova University to participate in the Lilly Conference, Bethesda, focused on learning, teaching, and assessment in higher education as well as scholarly teaching. This regional teaching conference presents a distinctive professional development opportunity for junior faculty to refine their teaching skills, deepen their understanding of student learning, support their growth as teacher-scholars in the discipline, and network with faculty colleagues across East Coast institutions.

Application Process: Full-time, first-year, pre-tenure, faculty members are encouraged to apply. Please refer to the Call for Applications (PDF) for details.

Required Documents:

  • Completed Call for Applications, including Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Support (by Chairperson in Department) – speaks to the significance of the faculty member’s teaching conference participation in relation to his/her instructional responsibilities and contributions.
  • Post-Conference Reflective Essay due Monday, June 12 – (one page) describes professional instructional gains from teaching conference participation and intended application of knowledge gained to course development and instruction.

Application deadline: April 12

The Lilly Conference Travel Fellowship provides support for conference registration, lodging and travel. Applicants are responsible for additional expenses, such as meals not included in the conference registration fee.

The Fellowship may fund up to five awards. Applicants should submit a well crafted, comprehensive document that highlights the significance of their teaching conference participation in relation to their instructional development and future teaching goals.

2015 Travel Fellows:
Dr. Chris Castille, Human Resources Development
Dr. Edward Kim, Computing Sciences
Dr. Cristina Percoco, Romance Languages & Literatures
Prof. Ann Scheve, College of Nursing
Dr. Albert Shin, Ethics

2014 Lilly Travel Fellows:
Dr. Yoon-Na Cho, Marketing
Dr. David Jamison, Mechanical Engineering

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