2013 Past Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grants Recipients

The Office of Research and Graduate Programs is pleased to celebrate these Summer Research Fellowships and Research Support Grants recipients:

Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grant Recipients

  • Rebecca J. Brand, Psychology, The Role of Repetition in Infants' Learning of Actions and Action Sequences: Exploring the Benefits of Motionese
  • Aimee Eggler, Chemistry, Investigation of a Putative "Cloaking" Post-translational Modification of the Cytoprotective
  • Judith Giesberg, History, Pornography and Sexual Culture in the Civil War North
  • Daniel Kraut, Chemistry, Molecular Basis of Proteasomal Processity
  • Paul C. Rosier, History Citizens of the World: American Indians, Citizenship and the Promise of American Life
  • Thomas Ksiazek, Communications, Civil Interactivity? Explaining Hostile and Polite Discussion in User Comments Posted to Online News Sites
  • Patrick Markey, Psychology, Complementarily Among Same-Sex Romantic Relationships: Psychological and Physical Well-Being
  • Ani Ural, Mechanical Engineering, The Effect of Nanoscale Material Properties and Spatial Arrangement on Fracture Behavior of Bone
  • Bernard Gallagher, Stressful Life Events, Social Class and Symptoms of Schizophrenia
  • Nathan Weston, Geography & The Environment, Assessing Radioactive and Trace Metal Contamination of Streams by Natural Gas Extraction Activities in the Marcellus Shale
  • James W. Wilson, Biology, The Bacterial yaiV and STM1266 Genes: Roles in Stress Resistance and Biofilm Formation
  • Matthew Youngman, Biology, Determining the Regulatory Mechanism of Increased DAF-16 Transcriptional Activity During Aging in Caenorhabditis Elegans

Research Support Grant Only

  • Heather Hicks, English, Apocalyptic Beings: The Genre of Apocalypse After Postmodernism
  • Erasmus Kersting, Economics, All Aid is Local: The Allocation and Impact of World Bank Loans at the Subnational Level
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