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What kinds of projects must be submitted for IACUC review?

The IACUC must review ALL projects in teaching or research endeavors that incorporate the utilization of live vertebrate animals for any purpose to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Course-related activities that require the use of preserved vertebrate animal materials must also be reviewed.

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Who submits projects to the IACUC for review?

Any faculty or staff member who is the principal investigator of a research project or course instructor may submit an IACUC animal utilization protocol for review.  Students who will be conducting research that involves live vertebrate animal handling and use (e.g. for a thesis project) may submit a protocol in collaboration with their faculty adviser as the principal investigator.  Any individual listed as the principal investigator of a project that includes live animals must demonstrate appropriate training in handling, use and care of the particular animal species for which the protocol applies.

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What is submitted to the IACUC for project review?

The principal investigator or course instructor must complete a new research or teaching animal utilization protocol form.

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Where can I find IACUC forms and to whom must they be submitted?

Forms are available on the IACUC website or may be obtained by email request to the IACUC chair ( All protocols must be submitted to the IACUC chair upon completion for committee review.  Completed forms may be sent via interoffice mail to: Dr. Louise Russo, Dept. of Biology.

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When must protocols be submitted for review and how long does the review process take?

All paperwork must be submitted to the IACUC for review and, the committee must provide written notification of approval of the protocol PRIOR to the start of any work with animals.  The length of the review may vary from two weeks to a month depending upon when the paperwork was submitted and the time required for completion of any requested revisions and supplements to the protocol.  The IACUC chair may provide answers to any questions regarding protocol completion and the review timeline.

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What additional information must be provided to the IACUC?

All personnel who handle live vertebrate animals either in the field or laboratory setting are required to submit an Animal Handler Health Form PRIOR to the initiation of the project or course activity.  This form is available on the IACUC website or via email request to the IACUC chair.  Completion of this document is critical for the occupational health and safety of all individuals who come in contact with live animals.  Faculty supervisors of students working with live animals must review safety information and discuss animal hazards relevant to particular species with which the student is working in conjunction with completion of the Health Form.  Failure to submit Animal Handler Health Documentation prior to work with live animals is a violation of IACUC policy and may result in suspension of activity and investigator or instructor sanctions.

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