Course And Teacher Survey

How to access Individual Faculty Reports on Novasis - by Faculty

* InstructionsDeptChairs.ppt
How To Access Faculty Reports On The Web - by Department Chairs - PowerPoint
* cats_overview.pdf
Procedures - Administration, Data Collection, Analysis, Reports
* catsadminstrationguidelines.pdf
Administration (Faculty and Student Proctor)
* individualfacultyreport.pdf
Individual Faculty Report Interpretation
* CATSguide.pdf
Principles for student ratings - A guide for new faculty members
* CATS_Principles_for_Chair_packets.pdf
Principles for Chair packets
* team_taught_instructions.pdf
Instructions for Team Taught classes

CATS Instrument

* evaluations20060323.ppt
CATS Procedures - Administration, Data collection, Analysis, Reports - PowerPoint

OPIR Office Location

OPIR Office Location

St. Mary's Hall
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Villanova, PA 19085

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