About Us

Villanova University Honors Program Mission Statement

The Villanova University Honors Program stands at the forefront of Villanova’s commitment to academic excellence by cultivating the minds and enlarging the sensibilities of our most gifted students, while providing a platform for outstanding faculty to bring forth innovative pedagogy and inquiry across disciplines and colleges. We seek to introduce students to the rigors of inquiry by focusing on the best of what has been thought, written and created, as well as on contemporary questions and approaches to knowledge. We focus on the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—while fostering a strong commitment to the common good and the application of knowledge to human affairs.

In the Honors Program, students’ pursuits of excellence are supported in a collegial community comprised of the most gifted faculty and students at Villanova. Students are provided with an enriched academic experience and the highest level personal attention. They are challenged to think creatively and critically, and are empowered to take on leadership roles and participate in special international experiences. The Honors Program seeks to help students grow intellectually, personally, and as engaged community members.